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    Ashley Tisdale Doesn't Plan On Watching "High School Musical" With Her Daughter, And Her Reason Is Valid

    It might be a bit before her daughter meets Sharpay Evans.

    Even though High School Musical is one of Ashley Tisdale's most famous movies, she says she won't be watching it with her daughter anytime soon.

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    Ashley, who is married to Christopher French, is currently pregnant with her first child.

    Ashley shared this revelation with a surprising explanation, telling People magazine, "Personally, I don't watch my own stuff."

    Incredibly, she says her own husband "has hardly seen anything that [she's] in." (And he's had time to catch up on her career: They've been together since at least 2012.)

    "I think I just showed him High School Musical this year, and we've been married six years at this point," she continued. "And that wasn't even the full movie. I'm not someone who likes to watch myself."

    When it comes to sharing High School Musical with her daughter, Ashley isn't opposed — she just says she might not be the one to put it on for her. "I'm not going to be like, 'Don't watch it,'" she explained.

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    She also said of HSM, "I look completely different. It feels like a different lifetime!" — which hilariously came as a surprise to the actor's 7-year-old niece after she watched it.

    "My niece was like, 'That's my aunt?'" Ashley said, laughing. "Yeah, I don't see myself watching myself with my child. That's just not who I am."

    When Ashley's daughter inevitably does watch High School Musical, we only hope that Ashley will document the adorable experience.

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