Amy Schumer Opened Up About Her Husband's Autism Diagnosis In A Post Celebrating Her Son's Birthday

    "Happy birthday little Geenie panini."

    Amy Schumer got really emotional when she celebrated her son Gene’s second birthday.

    The comedian took to Instagram to give him a sweet birthday shoutout while mentioning her husband, Chris Fischer, in the caption.

    "Today is our son’s birthday and I woke up emotional as hell thinking about my husband, Chris," Schumer said. "In this first photo while I was having a three-hour C-section, he held my hand and stared in my eyes so I never felt alone.”

    “I feel loved and supported always. He takes care of our family and is a husband and father beyond my wildest dreams,” she continued.

    Schumer shared a photo of Fischer comforting her after her C-section and another of him holding their son. She also talked about Fischer’s autism diagnosis, which has impacted their lives.

    Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer attend the 72nd Annual Tony Awards

    "Also he has autism spectrum disorder,” Schumer wrote. “Being tested and diagnosed has helped us communicate and support each other better.”

    "We want to encourage parents and people to give themselves the gift of information so people can function to the best of their abilities and remove any stigma that comes with autism,” she added.

    Schumer noted that her son will “most likely be diagnosed” with autism as well, but “if he’s anything like his father, [then] that is wonderful news.”

    "So on our baby's birthday where he held my hand tight and held me with his eyes, I want to say I love you, thank you and happy birthday little Geenie panini,” Schumer concluded.

    “We love you as much as you love school busses. 🚌"

    Amy Schumer (R) and Chris Fischer take baby Gene Fischer out for some morning air