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    21 Things That Have Happened To Every Brit Living In America

    "No, I didn't vote for Brexit. Nice to meet you, too."

    1. You think your accent is going to get you laid.

    2. It does.

    3. Strangers imitate your accent. Badly.

    4. Someone has guessed that your accent is Australian at least once.

    5. People ask you about Brexit just *moments* into meeting you.

    6. You legitimately get asked if you've ever met the Queen.

    7. People assume you care about "soccer."

    8. People assume your school was like Hogwarts.

    9. In reality, it was probably more like something out of Waterloo Road.

    10. It's either assumed that you're posh AF...

    11. Or that you're basically a peasant straight out of a Dickens novel.

    12. You can't drink a cuppa without somebody telling you how English you are.

    13. You can outdrink any American.

    14. Somebody will say "I'm surprised you're not used to this" to you WHENEVER it rains.

    15. You have trouble relating to touchy-feely Americans...

    16. And you can't stand over-friendly shop assistants.

    17. You don't ~get~ American telly...

    18. And American commercials baffle you.

    19. You still forget about tax being added to purchases.

    20. And you resent tipping culture.

    21. But most of all, you miss British sarcasm more than anything else in the world.

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