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    21 Things That Have Happened To Every Brit Living In America

    "No, I didn't vote for Brexit. Nice to meet you, too."

    1. You think your accent is going to get you laid.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    2. It does.

    NBC / Via

    I'm not even good-looking.

    3. Strangers imitate your accent. Badly.

    FOX / Via

    We're not all straight out of Mary Poppins, y'know.

    4. Someone has guessed that your accent is Australian at least once.

    FOX / Via

    Oh, come on!

    5. People ask you about Brexit just *moments* into meeting you.


    Nice to meet you, too???

    6. You legitimately get asked if you've ever met the Queen.


    Take a wild guess.

    7. People assume you care about "soccer."


    When in doubt, mention Leicester City winning against all odds.

    8. People assume your school was like Hogwarts.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    No, we didn't play Quidditch.

    9. In reality, it was probably more like something out of Waterloo Road.

    BBC Three / Via

    Having a cheeky cig at breaktime was a rite of passage. None of that dementor shit.

    10. It's either assumed that you're posh AF...

    Masterpiece on PBS / Via

    Pinky fingers up, dahhhhling.

    11. Or that you're basically a peasant straight out of a Dickens novel.

    FOX / Via

    Please, sir, can I have some more stereotyping?

    12. You can't drink a cuppa without somebody telling you how English you are.

    BBC / Via

    This hot cup of tea will warm up my cold, repressed British soul. Let me drink it in peace.

    13. You can outdrink any American.

    HBO / Via

    Those three extra years in the pub *really* paid off.

    14. Somebody will say "I'm surprised you're not used to this" to you WHENEVER it rains.


    Give it a break, Chad.

    15. You have trouble relating to touchy-feely Americans...


    Get your mitts off me.

    16. And you can't stand over-friendly shop assistants.



    17. You don't ~get~ American telly...

    NBC / Via

    Skins is ours. I mean it.

    18. And American commercials baffle you.

    Snuggie / Via

    It's no "Compare The Market" ad.

    19. You still forget about tax being added to purchases.


    Empty my wallet, why don't you?

    20. And you resent tipping culture.

    GQ / Via

    Go on then. Just take all of my money.

    21. But most of all, you miss British sarcasm more than anything else in the world.

    BBC / Via

    Americans are just SO good at it. 🙄

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