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    People Were Concerned About Wilfred The Cat, So We Got Answers

    "When we bought Wilfred... it was just love at first sight."

    This video of Instagram star Wilfred The Cat has gone viral — causing a lot of speculation regarding the cat's health and the story behind Wilfred. BuzzFeed spoke to Wilfred's owner — and now we have answers.

    According to Wilfred's owner — Jenna Millward – Wilfred is a two-year-old Chinchilla Persian.

    "When we bought Wilfred... it was just love at first sight."

    Jenna tells BuzzFeed that she has received, "many derogatory comments about his appearance" — but insist doctors have given Wilfred a clean bill of health.

    One of the most noticeable traits is Wilfred's teeth — people across the internet have suggested fixing his grill — "the vet advised there was no need for surgery. His teeth cause no discomfort for him," said owner Jenna.

    "The one thing everyone notices when they meet him is the way he looks, as in, the eye contact he gives... it is just so different to other cats and so humanlike," Jenna told BuzzFeed.

    "He has a very wide range of expressions for a cat, which are again, human-like."

    Wilfred has become a viral sensation — acquiring over 100,00 followers on his Instagram page.

    Wilfred is healthy, happy, and living his best feline life — no need to worry internet!

    Would you like a cat like Wilfred?

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