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    Three Friends Freaked Out When A Giant Spider Was In Their Room, And It's Actually Pretty Funny

    The itsy bitsy spider.

    ViralHog posted this video of three friends trying to catch a giant spider — and it is all of us.

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    These three friends came across a giant spider in their room while they were on vacation.

    With a plate and bowl in hand — they tried to create a plan to catch the hairy critter.

    One of the friends thought the 'scoop and throw' would be the best option.

    The 'bowl press' ended up being their technique of choice.

    They successfully trapped the spider — but what now?

    One of the guys wanted no part of it — he was outta there!

    They were literally freaking out.

    They were finally able to catch the spider!

    With the spider in hand — they completely lost their minds.

    They then set the scary spider back into the wild.

    Do you know someone who is deathly afraid of spiders?