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    This Woman Sells Moose Poop Artwork And Her Sales Pitch Will Have You Laughing

    She wants you to give a sh*t for Christmas.

    Mary Winchenbach, owner of TirdyWorks, presented her sales pitch for her moose tirds company at the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine. She really wanted people to buy crap!

    Facebook: patti.dowse / Via Facebook: patti.dowse

    Mary Winchenbach has a background in microbiology and chemistry — including over 40 years in food safety and health inspection.

    15 years ago Mary was walking in the woods and came across a pile of moose turds. "I thought, how funny would that be if those turds had eyeballs," Mary told BuzzFeed.

    Mary began creating shitty artwork with a variety of punny names.

    Dingle berries, shit on a shingle, shithead, holy crap, shit weed, shit kickers, crock of shit, and shitty end of the stick are just some of the pieces she sells.

    Mary told BuzzFeed, a few years after starting her business, her and her partner Deb adopted three children with special needs, and she decided to put her crappy business on hold.

    After 10 years Mary returned to the turds and began creating and selling artwork made from moose droppings. She tells us that the custom artwork sells for $5-$45, depending on the piece.

    She sells clocks, picture frames, and ordaments — encouraging "everyone to give a shit for Christmas."

    The turds are completely safe to have in your home — they go through a dehydration process because, "juizzy tirds are never a good feature." Once the crap is dried, it is then dipped in a secret coating to give it an appealing look.

    Mary says her shitty artwork makes for a perfect gift — her top sellers are Dingle Berries, Shit Weed, and her Poo Poo Clocks.

    Will you be giving a shit for Christmas?

    Check out more of Mary's pieces of crap, here.