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This Girl Thought We Lived 'Inside' Earth, And 2018 Is Now Canceled

She was today-years-old when she found out the truth.

@LoveMahalHappy posted on twitter a video of her sister's thought on where we live — her sister believed we live "inside" of the earth.

just in case you’re having a bad day, enjoy this video of my sister realizing that we don’t live inside the earth 💀

Twitter: @LoveMahalHappy / Via Twitter: @LoveMahalHappy

This girl was shocked to learn that we live on the earth — not in the earth.

Although there are some people, yes, that still think the earth is flat — this girl had a different perception.

Her sister asked her — how would we have a sky if we were living inside the earth?

She drew a picture to try and convince her family that we are indeed living inside of the earth.

A family member tried to use his hands to show her that we live on the earth.

And they drew more pictures to try and convince her.

She was today-years-old when she found out that we live on the earth!

What is something that you have believed for way too long?

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