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    YouTuber Joana Ceddia's "Tree-Top" Hair Tutorial May Be The World's Newest Trend

    2018 has been interesting.

    Joana Ceddia posted this video of her tree-top hair turtorial.

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    Joana Ceddia posts a variety of content on her YouTube channel — with videos including homemade pizza and leg waxing.

    People wanted to know how she gets her hair to look so incredible.

    Joana gave a step by step tutorial on how to get the tree-top hairstyle.

    This hairstyle is super simple — all you need are hair ties.

    First you bunch up your hair.

    Then you begin to add the hair ties one by one.

    "If you find the base is kinda wonky, take an elastic and tie it twice."

    So how many hair ties does it take to get this terrific tree-top look?

    Caution: there are side effects to having this beautiful piece of art on your head.

    Do you think that the tree-top hairstyle is coco-nuts?

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