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    These Cheesy Foods Will Make You Want To Plan A Trip To NYC, Like Now

    **Googles "cheap flights to NYC."**

    Food Insider found eight of New York City's cheesiest foods and your mouth will start to water.

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    Whether it's your guilty pleasure, you're going through a breakup, or you are just a cheese fanatic, these dishes will prove that you need a cheesy trip to the NYC.

    1. Murray's Cheese has been selling delicious cheese since 1940 and gives a whole new meaning to New York cheesecake.

    If you are a cheese lover, this is definitely icing on the cake!

    2. Beecher's Handmade Cheese producers their cheese in house guaranteeing some of the freshest cheese in NYC. There's nothing like a cheesy cup of pasta to-go while exploring the concrete jungle.

    3. B & A Porkstore is an Italian market that specializes in an assortment of cheeses including freshly made mozzarella. Their Mozzarella Carrozza will have you booking your flight to NYC, ASAP!

    4. Raclette NYC is famous for, you guessed it, raclette. Melted cheese scraped and served over potatoes, veggies, and meats is a cheese lovers dream!

    Maybe NYC is called the city that never sleeps because people are always eating.

    One more time for the people in the back.

    5. Cheeseboat Brooklyn is a Georgian bistro that combines bread, cheese, butter, and egg into one sensational dish. If you can't find a flight to NYC, try taking a boat.

    6. Los Tacos No. 1 serves Mexican cuisine in NYC's Chelsea Market and adds a special twist to their tacos — the queso shell, made by melting a pile of Monterey Jack cheese.

    It's "nacho" average taco.

    7. Fusco New York's risotto cheese wheel seemed to be pure cheese nirvana. Chef and owner Scott Conant recently closed the doors of his downtown location and plans to open up a new restaurant near Laguardia Airport. So, it may take some time until this dish returns, but that will give you a chance to plan your trip!

    8. Buns Bar transforms traditional sandwiches into unique masterpieces. You can grab one on a pretzel bun, fried tomato bun or a burger on this fried mozzarella bun.

    Who's ready to get cheesy in the Big Apple?