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    Jimmy Fallon Was Involved In A Zip Line Accident In Puerto Rico

    "I almost died on a zip line."

    Jimmy Fallon recently filmed an episode of "The Tonight Show" in Puerto Rico. Guests of the special taping will include Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of Hamilton.

    The show sounds absolutely amazing. BUT we need to talk about Jimmy's zip line accident — don't worry, he's OK!

    According to Fallon, the zip line is called 'The Monster' and is nearly two miles long, going as fast as 95mph.

    Facing his fears, Jimmy finished the zip line, and he was happy it was over — or so he thought...

    This zip line was more dangerous than the first and the instructor told Jimmy to be very careful!

    Once again, Jimmy didn't quit. He was on his way down when people starting yelling at him frantically.

    Thankfully the cable didn't break nor did Jimmy burn off his face.

    Jimmy was stuck hundreds of feet in the air and had to be saved by one of the zip line instructors.

    Thankfully Jimmy was rescued and survived his zip line accident!

    What's the most embarrassing accident you've ever had?

    Hear the story firsthand in the full clip.

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