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    This Girl Ate Edibles, Did A Pennywise Makeup Tutorial, And It Was... Interesting

    Happy Halloweed!

    Brandi TV loves makeup and apparently loves edibles. She watched a tutorial on how to do Pennywise makeup and then decided to give it a high... I mean try. Here's the video of Brandi TV "clowning" around.

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    Brandi TV starts off by indulging in a homemade "special" brownie. She's not quite sure how much to eat so she decides to finish the whole thing.

    Brandi TV / Via

    After an hour she gets started on her Pennywise tutorial. But she doesn't have a bald cap so she creates one using a plastic bag.

    Brandi TV / Via

    "It looks like a stuffed head."

    She then can't contain herself when it's time to glue her eyebrows. Honestly, it does seem really funny when you think about it.

    Brandi TV / Via

    "When I watched the tutorial this girl didn't look like this."

    Brandi then gets creative when applying the foundation. She literally uses a kitchen sponge!!!

    Brandi TV / Via

    "Oh look my eyebrow is gone!"

    When you think the creativity couldn't become anymore ridiculous, she uses an orange Scooby-Doo wig. Like who just has that laying around?

    Brandi TV / Via

    After doing her lips and nose it was time to draw eyebrows and I'm gagging!

    Brandi TV / Via

    "These eyebrows are gunna be fierce."

    With some finishing touch ups Pennywise has arrived!

    Brandi TV / Via

    Aww look at that smile :)

    Brandi TV / Via

    To check out more of Brandi TV's hilarious videos click here.

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