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    This Guy Dressed As Buddy The Elf Challenged Random Strangers To A Pillow Fight

    "Does somebody need a hug?" - Buddy The Elf

    Brendan Edwards, a cheerful firefighter, dressed up as Buddy The Elf and challenged random strangers to a pillow fight.

    Facebook: profile.php / Via Facebook: RealBrendanEdwards

    According to Brendan Edwards Instagram, he is a father, firefighter, and comedy enthusiast. He took his love of making people laugh to the streets of Boston — dressed up as Buddy The Elf.

    With pillows in hand, he challenged complete strangers to a pillow fight!

    And people were seriously DTPF (Down To Pillow Fight).

    This citizens of Boston couldn't resists the temptation to hit someone dressed as Buddy The Elf upside their head.

    This woman didn't come to play!

    You know she's seen one too many people acting cray cray on the streets.

    This guy was having no part in the spectacle.

    Buddy, why you gotta bother people while they're working?

    Most people were thrilled to have a random pillow fight on the street.

    There is just something joyous about attacking someone with a piece of cloth filled with feathers.

    How would you react if someone randomly challenged you to a pillow fight?