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Can we please let Princess Diana finally rest in fucking peace?

Stop digging dirt on a woman that's spent two decades buried under the stuff

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It's been twenty years since Diana, the Princess of Wales, was hounded to death in a fatal car crash as she tried to flee from the photographers that followed her every move.

And despite the public initially turning the blame on the British press and demanding stricter laws in the battle between entertainment and exploitation - it seems all has been forgotten.

During a time where we should be celebrating her life, the new era of click-bait and copy and paste journalism has allowed us to turn it back into the circus it was at the time of her death.

"Diana thinks Kate [Middleton] is perfect but doesn't believe Meghan [Markle's] 'the one'", a headline on the Mail Online read this week. How did the world's biggest entertainment website manage such a scoop as a dead woman commenting on the current relationships of the children she never got to see grow up? They didn't. They tapped up an old "confidante" of Diana's who revealed she "still speaks to the Princess from beyond the grave." They also managed to exclusively reveal Diana's apparent thoughts from above on Brexit.

Channel 4, who are set to air a series of unseen tapes of the Princess detailing her sex life with Prince Charles in a new documentary, defended their decision recently as "part of an important historical document."

As I type this, Sunday Express have just done an exclusive chat with a priest who Diana allegedly discussed the possibility of marrying her Muslim boyfriend days before her death.

There's also been exclusive new unseen pictures, fresh details of her unhappy childhood and a re-release of Diana's own book which detailed her troubled marriage and mental health problems. There's tribute teddy bears, exhibitions of her personal belongings and fresh features on Walsall's "black Princess Diana" statue, her "ultimate beach body," "controversial sex life" and the never ending conspiracy theories.

Every boyfriend, best friend and family member has been approached to sell any scrap of information they haven't already revealed. The same for people that dressed her, drove her, cooked for her and cut her hair for her.

At this point I wouldn't be surprised to see someone from the Daily Mail sat by her grave with a ouija board doing a fucking Facebook live.

Two and a half billion people tuned into her television funeral them twenty years ago. Each of these people are aware of the drama that surrounded her divorce from Prince Charles, the struggles she faced afterwards and the theories from the very end. There's no need to drag them back up with a fresh spin for a few cheap clicks and some ad revenue.

To me, despite being six when she passed, Diana was pushed into a Royal role she wasn't ready for and neglected by her nearest while drowning in the world's desire for a happy ending. And even as her fairytale started to fall apart she still used her platform to try and make the world a better place. Something which makes her a perfect role model two decades later. No, she wasn't perfect but, in my opinion, that's what made her all the more iconic.

My point? In a time where we have Kardashian's taking naked selfies to apparently "empower" women and people like the Beckham's carefully choosing their good deeds to boost their own brand - why must we repeatedly dig up dirt on a woman that tried to do so much good and has spent two decades buried under the stuff? Let's remember Diana as the Princess that managed to inspire millions with a simple smile.

The only two people that appear to have taken the time to celebrate this side of her are Prince William and Prince Harry - the two children that lost their mum - in the emotional documentary Diana, Our Mother; Her Life And Legacy.

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