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"This Is Fucked" Male Politician Caught Saying In Response To A Question About Female Representation

"The fact is, mate, I love working with women."

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Queensland federal Liberal National Party MP Luke Howarth was caught swearing under his breath in response to a question from a Sky News reporter about why the prime minister has only appeared at events with male politicians while in Queensland.

.@LukeHowarthMP might have let slip on hearing a question to the PM from Sky News reporter @jacksonw____ . More:…

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has spent the past two days in Queensland, and has held two press conferences: one at a NutraDry factory with Federal Liberal MP Trevor Evans yesterday, and one today at a road project with Howarth and Queensland opposition leader Tim Nicholls.

Sky News reporter Jackson Williams noted at the end of today's press conference that the PM had so far only appeared at events with male politicians, to which Howarth muttered under his breath "This is fucked" (although Sky News subtitles it as "oh this f***").

Howarth later apologised for the comment, but said he was frustrated with the "tone" of the question.

.@LukeHowarthMP explains he "loves working with women." MORE:

"I was a little bit more frustrated because I work with women on a daily basis," he said, highlighting that Queensland LNP MPs Jane Prentice and Karen Andrews are both assistant ministers in the Turnbull government.

"The fact is mate, I love working with women."

In the press conference, Turnbull conceded there could be more female candidates.

"Yes, we need more female candidates. That's great. Women hold up half the sky and we would like them to hold up a larger part of the parliamentary seats as well. So that's good. OK. Thanks a lot."

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