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    "Power Book II: Ghost" Is More Than Violence And Drama — Every Character Is Giving Fashion Realness

    Power Book II: Ghost always gets its characters' looks right!

    We are well into the third season of Power Book II: Ghost, and the fashion has been consistent since Episode 1. From the original show, Power, the characters stepped out with top-tier ensembles, and the good people in the costume department have continued the trend here.

    The cast of Power Book II: Ghost posing on the red carpet

    Let's get into these looks from Tariq and the crew.

    🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨Spoilers ahead!🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

    1. Monet Tejada always comes through and is especially known to stunt in a luxurious piece of fur.

    woman standing in fur coat

    2. Tariq always finds himself in a sticky situation, but he also finds a way to give us a tailored look.

    Michael Rainey Jr as Tariq sitting and wearing a colorful suit and tie and staring

    3. And Tariq's character is versatile. If the occasion is more casual, he still finds a way to make a fashion statement.

    Tariq in a varsity jacket standing in front of a desk

    4. Brayden comes from a privileged background, and though he tries to stray away from it, he gives corporate couture in the best ways.

    Gianni Paolo as Brayden sitting in a chair at a table and wearing a suit and tie

    5. Diana is still finding her footing in the family dynamic, but she has her fashion choices secured.

    LaToya Tonodeo as Diana in a knit, long-sleeved turtleneck top standing in front of another woman

    6. Spoiler alert: Lauren isn't dead. And when she was walking around Stansfield as an active student, she made sure her looks were on point.

    Tariq and Lauren (Paige Hurd), in a tweed jacket and turtleneck, standing on campus

    7. I can't vouch for Zeke's hair choices, but this Gucci tracksuit is fire!

    Three people, including Daniel Bellomy as Zeke, sitting at a dinner table looking confused

    8. Can we circle back to Monet? Do you see this coat?

    Monet wearing a fur-vest coat, sitting in a restaurant and staring into space

    9. Cane took us all the way back with this one. Who doesn't love a good piece of fashion nostalgia?

    Cane (Woody McClain) in a shiny tracksuit and Monet standing and looking intense

    10. These two Stansfield University professors made some sketchy decisions that ultimately cost them their lives. However, their fashion choices were rarely up for debate.

    Jabari Reynolds in a suit and turtleneck and Carrie Milgram in a plaid coat standing in front of candles

    11. At this point, we have to call Tariq Mr. Put It On!

    Tariq in a short, zip-front jacket, standing on campus

    12. Comfortable and chic is always a vibe we can appreciate.

    Effie Waits in a cutoff flannel top and jeans, standing in front of a bridge

    13. There's always room for a good power suit.

    Lawyer Davis Maclean (Method Man) talking in court

    14. The occasion may be a sad one, but fewer looks are more timeless than all black.

    Group, including Monet, sitting in stands

    15. Let's get into this puffer coat and vest realness.

    Three friends, including Tariq, looking at a laptop in puffy vests and coats

    16. It doesn't have to be chic to make a statement.

    Dru Tejada sitting on a couch wearing a jacket and T-shirt

    17. One more time for the power suit.

    Rashad Tate (Larenz Tate) in a three-piece suit sitting in a leather chair and looking at the camera

    With so many characters and looks to choose from, which ones are your favorite?