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Netflix's The Hollow

New Netflix suggestion!

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Netflix / Via Twitter: @TheHollow_tv

We begin our show where the three main characters, Kai, Adam, and Mira wake up in a room next to each other. They do not know anything about themselves, about each other, and why they are locked in a room. This reminds me of The Maze Runner.

As I began to watch it, it felt I was watching an animated Odyssey. The trio's main goal is to return home, yet they face numerous challenges and trials to face. However, they each have powers that they can use to accomplish each task. They can also ask for help from a mysterious man, who moves and manipulates the world around himself like a god.

This show has comedic elements with some slapstick nature and jokes, as well as tension and drama. As the series progresses, you learn more about the show's world.

If you are looking for something easy and fun to watch, I recommend you check out The Hollow.

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