19 Cooking Fails That God Will Never Forgive, And Neither Will I

    If you can't handle the fire, stay out of the kitchen.

    We've all looked up recipes on Youtube or seen something on the Food Network and thought, "I can make that." Then, you go into the kitchen with all the confidence in the world, and suddenly, by the time you're done, you're wondering where it all went wrong.

    Thank God for Reddit and shows like Worst Cooks in America to really show that we all have made some mistakes in the kitchen. And I think these examples below will get you back in the kitchen with the confidence of Gordan Ramsay. So, let's look at some kitchen mishaps, shall we?

    1. Giada De Laurentiis gets real salty on The Ellen Degeneres Show

    Giadda pouring in a huge amount of salt into a blender

    2. Poor pop tart never stood a chance.

    3. Man puts M&M's in his spaghetti on Worst Cooks in America

    A contestant looking back at chefs Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell explaining his dish

    4. Chef Gordon gets humbled by his mum

    View this video on YouTube

    Optomen Television / Via youtube.com

    5. These aren't burnt, they're smoked fries. It's the new thing.

    6. Woman uses a callus remover for grating her cheese on Worst Cooks in America

    A woman grating cheese using a callous remover

    7. Would anyone like glass with their eggs?

    8. Got to give them an "A" for effort, you can tell they really wanted this to taste and look great.

    9. Well, it could've been worst. They could've burnt it also.

    10. Who hurt you?

    11. When Tik Tok trends go wrong!

    12. No better way to ruin Thanksgiving dinner.

    13. Who's ready for smores?!

    14. The Puerto Rican in me just died seeing this atrocity.

    15. Bless their heart for trying to make breakfast.

    16. Have you ever tried scrambled pancakes in the morning?

    17. Looks like those dumplings got "dumped" in the trash

    18. Artificial Intelligence is already starting its mission to sabotage us, LOOK OUT!!

    19. If I don't get flat cake for my birthday, did I really have a birthday?

    Let me know what you thought of these cooking fails, and leave your own cooking fails below in the comment section!