5 Reasons Why Brian Flores' Racism Lawsuit Against The NFL Is A HUGE Deal

    The NFL's racial history is not one to be ignored.

    It seems right now we're on the precipice of another movement in the NFL, as former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has just dropped a bomb in the sports world. Mr. Flores' class-action lawsuit against the league, the Giants, and the Broncos is based on allegations that he feels he was never given a fair chance when it came to interviewing for head coach positions due to the color of his skin, as well as damning accusations against his former team, the Miami Dolphins, whose owner Stephen Ross had allegedly tried to pay him to lose so they could have a better draft position back in 2019.

    Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores looks from the sidelines during fourth quarter against the Houston Texans at Hard Rock Stadium

    Everyone knows there is racial history when it comes to the NFL, as most of our history here in America is tied to the racism this country has had to overcome. Although there have been changes in the decades that the NFL has been here, there still seems to be an underlying issue with race felt not only by the players but also the coaches. We saw this with Colin Kaepernick just a few years back, and now it seems Brian Flores is willing to make himself the martyr to try to bring more racial equality to the massive football organization, particularly when it comes to Black coaches as well as having more Black executives in the league.

    Colin Kaepernick attending the premiere of his Netflix series Colin in Black and White

    The most recent evidence of this possibly happening is when in last year's Super Bowl you had three Black coordinators that should've been able to lock down head coaching positions, but none were hired for the role. Now personally, I don't believe teams should be hiring solely based on a coach being Black, but if you were to take away the color of their skin and look at their resume just on merit alone, a lot of these Black coaches should have a head coaching job.

    So let's get into the reasons why Flores' lawsuit is a big deal for the NFL and its future.

    1. Allegations against Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross could open a can of worms.

    Owner of the Dolphins Stephen Ross and Brian Flores walking off the field together

    2. Bill Belichick's text message exposes a potential ugly truth.

    Bill Belichick with a stern look on his face

    3. It could change how the NFL handles the hiring and developing of Black coaches.

    Roger Goodell at the AFC Championship game

    4. Colin Kaepernick set the stage.

    Protestors speaking out against police brutality

    5. Does this prove that Jay-Z's partnership with the NFL was just a publicity move all along?

    Roger Goodell and Jay-Z sitting down together announcing the partnership with the NFL and Roc Nation

    In the end, regardless of what happens with this lawsuit, it has exposed a problem that the NFL needs to further solve when it comes to Black coaches in the league. I hope that this will be the first step in changing things for the better for one of the most popular sports in our country.