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Cardistry The Trend Of 2018

Every year an iconic toy or device its the market. It just so happened that 2017 was the year of the Fidget Spinner. However, could playing cards be the next big thing?

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Cardistry? I've never heard of it?

Cardistry isn't all that new; starting as an underground trend within the magicians world it's slowly increased in popularity with the skills required to preform tricks and moves using a deck of playing cards.

Most simply, Cardistry is a method of flourishing playing cards. Performers do not conduct magic or illusions, the whole purpose is to preform ever increasingly difficult tricks, cuts, fans, and more.

What does it take to become a great 'Cardist'?

Theory 11

Practice. So much practice. A great Cardist will be smooth in their movements (They won't drop cards). Cardistry should be fluid. However, the great thing is, anyone can learn.

Firstly you'll need a deck of cards. Your cards should be paper, not plastic, so cheap UK cards will not preform well. A rule of thumb is anything that is made by Bicycle will work. (These are the cheapest). Suitable cards can be easily found on Amazon, the two popular decks are Monarch by Theory 11; and Virtuoso. Monarch's are great for beginners, however won't provide much aesthetic while preforming, while Virtuoso cost more, but look beautiful in a fan.

Looking further than the cards you'll need to find tutorials. Thankfully in this new digital world we live in, YouTube and Instagram exist! These are both excellent places to learn about playing cards, and what it takes to learn performances. However, be prepared to watch, and rewatch videos over and over to nail your cuts!

Oh, it also looks beautiful!

Playing cards can look sleek, and stylish. Well designed decks can be eye catching and draw attention from anyone. But Cardistry is another level.

So, you've been briefed on the trend of 2018 (maybe), now it's time to get out and learning!

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