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5 Autumn Style ESSENTIALS Men Need To Hear About!

Want to get a head start for cuffing season? These are the 5 style hacks for Autumn you need in your life!

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1. Get the basic T-Shirts

Jakob Owens

Get them, get them fast, get them cheap. You can easily spend £30 on a plain colour T-Shirt. You don't need to. Pickup a collection of cheap single colour t-shirts for £5 each. Black, Grey, White, Brown, Green. These basic tee's won't break the bank, and will make you look great!

2. Jumpers will provide personality

Dhery Moelz

Jumpers will keep you warm when the cold comes, but they'll also allow you to express your personality. Although a basic t-shirt can help lift your style, they can be bland and not represent who you are. Make sure you're wearing something which represents you.

3. A strong pair of Boots

Garrett Sears

Investing in a great pair of boots is essential. The key word is 'investing'. A strong pair of shoes will cost you upwards of £70. For some, this might seem like a big investment, but if you look after them, waterproof them, you'll be able to wear them next season. Switch up the laces next year, and you've got a fresh pair!

Another great tip is to buy a new belt whenever you buy your shoes. Get it in the same colour, and you'll elevate your outfit by 100%!

4. Get an Umbrella!

Mark Jefferson Paraan

This is an incredibly simple one, especially if you live in the North! It rains, we've known it since birth, yet we still can't accept it... Get a quality umbrella, it'll keep you dry in the day, and make you a gentleman at night. Umbrella's are often seen as something your dad uses, well in this case he's stylist and smart.

5. Coordinate your Style

Jonathan Youssef

That's right. Plan and coordinate. Whenever you buy clothing you should consider, does this fit my style and personality? Do I have something to wear it with? Sure you can spend £60 on new jeans, but if you have no tops to match, what's the point...

Start out small, get the basic t-shirts right. These will hold your outfit together, branch out to jeans/chinos, move onto shoes and accessories. Think about what you're wearing, and where your going. Finally, feel good about what you're wearing!

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