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What's One Dish From Your Culture That You Can't Live Without?

Share a video of you trying or making your favorite dish for a chance to be featured on BuzzFeed!

We all have a meal that reminds us of home the second we take a bite!

Woman tries Linda's jollof.

For me, that meal is soup joumou. The hearty meal is a symbol of Haitian freedom and independence, and it's SO good!

Haitians try each other's Soup Joumou.

So, we want to know: What's one dish from your culture that you can't live without? You know, one you think ~everyone~ should know about.

A woman rates papusas.

If you have a dish from your culture that you SWEAR by, upload a video of you making or trying it to this jotform (or the one embedded below). Remember to film vertically, and don't forget to tell us what makes it so special to you!

The best submissions will be featured in a video compilation on BuzzFeed!