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5 Insane Sacrifices That Went Into The Making Of The Cult Movie “WHEELS”

“WHEELS” has become an indie cult hit. The film focuses on two suicidal paraplegic junkies hustling their way through the city streets trying to find a reason to live. You will get the full insanity and joy of this movie when you watch wheels movie.

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1. Cracking fingernails / Via

Patrick Hume who has played the role of DRAKE broke and shaved his fingernails, to the point of bleeding, to get the hands and feeling of homeless junkie. Moreover, Hume would used real “dirt” instead of makeup to add sense of grittiness to his role as a homeless paraplegic

3. Weight Loss / Via

The second half of the film flashes forward to a heroin addicted Mickey. Warren lost 53 pounds for the second part of the film to reflect MICKEY’s drug abuse by eating only a can of tuna and an apple a day. This jeopardized Warren’s health during filming. His body even went in hyperthermia during some of the ocean filming.

4. Getting Money / Via

Do to lack of funds for the film. Directors Timothy Gagliardo and Donavon Warren made many sacrifies. Gagliardo was so passionate about one of the scenes they couldn’t shoot because they ran out of money; he moved out of his apartment and lived on the street, just to get the rent deposit for money to film. Warren underwent medical testing to raise funds as well.

5. LAPD narcotics

To research the roles, Hume and Warren spent ample time on skid row to get into character and enrich their characters for the film. During one day guerilla filming without a permit, Hume’s character Drake was using prop heroin in a scene. The police believed that a documentary was being filmed and raided the set, questioning Hume. Eventually Hume was released once they realized he could walk and was an actor. The police said the character and drug usage looked too real.

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