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What Is Art And What Is Their Classification?

"Art has been defined as a vehicle of expression or communication of emotions and ideas, a means to explore and appreciate the formal elements of the interior itself, and mimesis or representation."

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What is the art?

Artists, philosophers, anthropologists, psychologists and programmers have used the notion of art from the perspective of their own fields, giving definitions considerably very different from each other. Moreover, it is clear that even the basic meaning of the term "art" has changed several times over the centuries, and continues to evolve during the 20th century .

Most people do not take into account the representation of a Brillo Box or a store to buy urinals as a form of art until Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp, respectively, put these objects in an art context (eg, in a gallery art), which was associated with a form of how art could be defined.

The art can refer to anything done by someone considered an artist. Even the definition of artist has evolved over the years and has varied depending on the context . In Ancient Greece, the term for art was " techne ", even though that word does not denote art in the modern sense was applied to human activities, especially for craft and technical work.

It is estimated that the oldest art forms were music and poetry, considered these people as divinely inspired. Eventually, the idea of art was expanded to include literature, visual art, the art of acting, and decorative art. But what exactly is art?

How art classified?

Traditional art and contemporary encompasses such diverse activities as architecture, music, opera, theater, dance, painting, sculpture, illustration, drawing, prints, ceramics, photography, movies , Literature…

All these activities are commonly referred to as " the arts " and are classified into several categories superimposed as: fine arts, visual arts, visual arts, decorative, applied and action . However, there is constant disagreement in this classification, despite being the most generally accepted.

Fine arts

This category includes those works are mainly for aesthetic reasons ( " art for art ") rather than for commercial or functional use . Designed for its uplifting, life - enhancing qualities typically denote the fine arts tradition, "high arts" in Western Europe, such as:

The drawing . Using charcoal, chalk, crayon, pastel or brush or pen and ink. The two main applications include illuminated manuscripts (c.600 - 1200) and book illustration.

Using simple methods like woodcuts or stencils, the most sought - engraving techniques, etching and lithography, or the more modern forms such as printing screens or images on film.

In bronze , in wood , stone, marble or clay .

Another type of beautiful Western art, which originated in China calligraphy; the highly complex form of stylized writing.

Visual art includes all the fine arts and new media and contemporary forms of expression such as assembly, collage, conceptual, installation and performance art, photography, video, animation films or any combination of all the above . In this category and is included plastic art of literature . Otherwise, often created on a monumental scale is the new environmental art.

plastic arts

The term plastic art refers to work in three dimensions, using materials that can be modulated, molded or manipulated in some way : as clay, plaster, stone, metals, wood (sculpture) or paper (origami ). It is a form of three - dimensional art made with everyday materials of objects that are within our reach.

Decorative art

Traditionally this category denotes forms of functional but ornamental art. It works with crystal materials, wood, metal, clay or textile fabric. This includes all forms of jewelry and mosaic art and ceramics, furniture, stained glass and tapestry. Decorative Art Styles include: Rococo art, Japanese art, art nouveau, art deco, Edwardian and retro.

Arguably the biggest decorative and applied art period was during the 17th and 18th centuries in the French Royal Court.

Performance art

This type refers to events of public performance . Traditional varieties include theater, opera, music and ballet . Contemporary art representation also includes any activity in which the physical presence of the artist acts as the medium . Thus encompasses mimicry and body paint. The type of modern performance art is known as Happenings .

Applied Arts

This category includes all activities involved in implementing aesthetic Art & Design from everyday objects . While the fine arts provide intellectual stimulation for the observer, applied arts create everyday items (a cup, a sofa, a clock, a chair or a table) using the principles of aesthetics in their designs . The art Folk engages predominantly with this type of creative activity.

Applied arts include architecture, photography, industrial design, graphic design, interior design ... and all kinds of decorative arts. The most popular styles are the Bauhaus Design School and Art Nouveau and Art Deco. One of the most important forms of the 20th century has been the architecture, especially the architecture of skyscrapers , which dominates the urban environment of New York, Chicago, Hong Kong and many other cities worldwide.

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