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"I'm So Proud Of You": Catherine O'Hara Reunited With Her "Home Alone" Son Macaulay Culkin

Natasha Lyonne, Brenda Song, and Seth Green were among the other celebs who came out to support Macaulay Culkin as he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Talk about a reunion fit for the times. Just as the holiday season is kicking off, Macaulay Culkin and Catherine O'Hara reunited at Macaulay's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, and it might just be the most joyful thing you'll see today.

Macaulay and Catherine starred together in the legendary 1990 film Home Alone and its equally iconic 1992 sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Of course, in the films, Macaulay played Kevin McCallister, a child accidentally separated from his family during the holidays. Catherine played his mother, Kate.

Catherine gave a speech at Macaulay's Walk of Fame ceremony. As seen in a video of the speech posted by Variety, she opened up about what it was like to play his "fake mom" in the two films.

"Home Alone was, is, and always will be a beloved global sensation. The reason it's that [and] the reason families all over the world can't let a year go by without watching and loving Home Alone together is because of Macaulay Culkin," she said, noting his "perfect performance" made acting look as if it were "the most natural thing in the world to do."

"It really was as if we ambushed the home of this real little boy named Kevin to make a movie and he just went along with it for the fun of it," she continued. "He's the dearest thing."

Catherine also praised Macaulay's ability to "survive" superstardom as a child, which he experienced after the success of the first film, in part thanks to his sense of humor.

"From what I see, you have brought that sense of sweet, yet twisted, yet totally relatable sense of humor to everything that you have chosen to do since Home Alone," she said.

Catherine ended her speech by congratulating the actor on receiving a Walk of Fame star. "Thank you for including me, your fake mom who left you home alone not once but twice, to share in this happy occasion," she said. "I'm so proud of you."

Following Home Alone, Macaulay went on to star in films like My Girl and Richie Rich. As an adult, he's appeared in films like Party Monster and Changeland, as well as the TV series American Horror Story and The Righteous Gemstones.

Fellow former child actor Natasha Lyonne, who costarred with Macaulay in Party Monster, also gave a speech. She chronicled their meeting ahead of filming and the "beauty" of seeing who he has become as an adult.

"Nothing makes me happier than to see you existing so concretely on your terms and with no loss of your underlying eccentricity or absurdist outlook or big picture [and] big heart perspective that sustains us as a community and as a family of artists," she said.

Seth Green and Macaulay's goddaughter, Paris Jackson, were also in attendance, alongside Macaulay's siblings Rory and Quinn Culkin, as well as Brenda Song, his partner.

Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York are currently streaming on Disney+.