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    Here Are 13 Photos That Capture The Intense And Historic Rainfall Happening In California

    California governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency for several counties on Sunday.

    1. Intense flooding, power outages, and even mudslides in certain areas have engulfed much of coastal California after two major storms moved through the region in the past week.

    2. The first of two storms that were part of a "Pineapple Express" hit California last week.

    3. According to the National Ocean Service, the term "Pineapple Express" refers to an atmospheric storm that begins in the Pacific Ocean around Hawaii and brings serious rain and snow to the West Coast.

    4. The second and more powerful storm arrived in Southern California on Sunday evening.

    5. According to the National Weather Service of Los Angeles, the 4.10 inches of rainfall in downtown LA on Sunday, Feb. 4 broke the daily record that was previously set in 1927 at 2.55 inches.

    6. This rainfall was a major behind-the-scenes presence at the Grammy Awards, which took place at Arena in downtown Los Angeles on Feb. 4. Miley Cyrus, who won the telecast's first award of the night, said during her speech, "Oh my god, I got stuck in the rain and traffic and thought I was going to miss this moment."

    7. According to the Associated Press, power outages were affecting roughly 710,000 people across the state on Monday evening.

    8. The heavy rainfall also led to mudslides. In a separate Associated Press report from Tuesday, the Los Angeles Fire Department tracked 300 mudslides.

    9. According to the New York Times, Los Angeles's Studio City neighborhood, which is located in the San Fernando Valley, was particularly hit hard by mudslides and landslides.

    10. The National Weather Service of San Diego reported that Monday, Feb. 5 broke the daily precipitation record in numerous areas, including Anaheim, Riverside, and Big Bear. The storm also extended into central and northern California too, including in Sonoma, as seen below.

    11. As for the Bay Area at large, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Feb. 5 of power outages, fallen trees, and flooded streets.

    12. On Sunday, California governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency to help with response and relief for eight counties in Southern California, including Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

    13. Much of California remained in stormy conditions on Tuesday.

    For the latest weather updates on the California storms, follow the National Weather Service.