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14 Photos That Show The Intense And Historic Impact Of Tropical Storm Hilary In Southern California

Many rainfall records were reported to be broken in the greater Los Angeles area.

1. Over the weekend, a tropical storm hit Mexico and Southern California. Hurricane Hilary had been downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it arrived in the US, however the National Hurricane Center still issued its first-ever tropical storm watch for Southern California.

@NWSWPC/Twitter / Via Twitter: @NWSWPC

2. Tropical storms, let alone hurricanes, are uncommon in Southern California. According to the Associated Press, Hilary was the first tropical storm in the region in 84 years. Here's a photo from a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellite of the tropical storm reaching Mexico and Southern California on Sunday:

Image of the storm

3. Ahead of the tropical storm's arrival, locals quickly sprung into action. In Long Beach on Friday, a sand berm was built on the beach.

People building a sand berm

4. An evacuation order was issued for Catalina Island, which is located off the coast of Long Beach.

People evacuating Catalina Island

5. As the tropical storm arrived in Southern California, hazardous conditions quickly formed, including fallen tree branches as seen here in Cathedral City.

A fallen tree branch

6. The tropical storm's intense rainfall caused flooding throughout the region. In Rancho Mirage on Sunday, workers tried unclogging a street drain.

Workers clearing out a storm drain

7. Winds surged through the region, including in Palm Desert.

Heavy rain and wind battering palm trees

8. In Los Angeles, water quickly rushed through the Los Angeles River.

Flooding in the Los Angeles River

9. Still the tropical storm didn't stop some surfers from catching waves, including one in Orange County on Sunday.

A person surfing in a storm

10. Others on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles braved the conditions.

People walking on the sidewalk in the rain

11. By Monday, assessments of the tropical storm's impact were in full swing. The National Weather Service Los Angeles reported "virtually all rainfall daily records have been broken thus far" in the area. Sunday was the "wettest" day on record in August for areas including San Diego, Oceanside Harbor, Vista, Escondido, and Palm Springs.

A truck driving through a flood

12. Here's what part of Interstate 10 in the Coachella Valley looked like on Monday. Flooding and mud covering parts of the highway:

Mud and flooding in I-10

13. In Long Beach, a garbage boom collected debris in the Los Angeles River.

Garbage near a canal

14. In Yucaipa, which is outside of San Bernardino, firefighters worked to remove mud and debris.

Firefighters working to remove mud and debris

As the storm largely cleared out of Southern California, it headed toward Nevada, where the New York Times reports flooding had occurred in some areas on Sunday night.