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    Posted on Apr 22, 2013

    18 Reasons Bar/Bat Mitzvah Season Was The Greatest Thing About Middle School

    Those years sucked, but becoming men and women made up for it. That, and Sam Goody gift certificates.

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    1. It all started with the signing board. You had to come up with the perfect message for the signing board.

    Usually: "You did an awesome job!"

    2. The Candle Ceremony.

    3. Talented dancers to get the party started.

    (And also, talented DJs.)

    4. You knew all the steps to the Electric Slide.

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    5. Exotic Themes!

    6. Limbo, the game that made it ok to have not had your growth spurt.

    7. Inflatable Instruments.

    8. Opulent Parties.

    9. Coke and Pepsi, a terrifying test of speed and physical strength.

    10. Food Stations for the Kids

    Normal sit-down food for the adults.

    11. The Chair Lift

    The above Bar Mitzvah demonstrates appropriate "I'm terrified" hand clutch.

    12. The choreographed dance that was a little bit too adult.

    13. Designing Your Own Invitation

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    Daniel's Bar Mitzvah is coming up on May 11, 2013, if you'd like to wish him a hearty mazel.

    14. The Clothing Giveaway

    15. Photo Booths.

    16. The parties made you want to just "Shout!"

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    17. (I've Had) The Time of My Life.

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    18. And the best part of all, being the sole center of attention for the last time.

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