19 Puppies That Are So Perfect, They'll Fix All Your Problems

    There is no pain a puppy can't cure.

    1. This golden retriever is proof that dogs are 100% better than people.

    2. They dream bigger.

    3. They have an impeccable sense of style.

    4. And they are always ready for a hug.

    5. Always!!!

    6. They're the most fun-loving animals in the entire animal kingdom.

    7. But they experience lots of other emotions, too.

    8. They're always ready to lend a helping hand (er, paw).

    9. They know how to pick the best produce.

    10. They are the life of every party.

    11. They never, ever stop following their dreams.

    12. They don't have time for trivial human stuff.

    13. Because they're too busy learning...

    14. And discovering themselves.

    15. They're full of love, but they are also fragile creatures.

    16. With playful hearts...

    17. Musical spirits...

    18. All-knowing souls...

    19. And most importantly, pure happiness.

    Precious puppy pics taken from Perritos haciendo cosas (Dogs doing things), aka the page with the most adorable puppies on the entire internet. If you like them, tell them I love them. <3

    This post was translated from Spanish.