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10 Reasons Why Silence Of Lambs Still Scares Me

According to the New York Times, the award winning filmmaker, Jonathan Demme, passed away at the age 73. Though he lost his battle to cancer, his movies will serve as his legacy. His chilling adaptation of Thomas Harris' novel, "Silence of the Lambs," will endure, while continuing to haunt and thill viewers.

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3. "Love The Suit!"

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When Hannibal meets Senator Ruth Martin, he plays around with her with his mind games.

4. The Buffalo Bill Dance

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Don't know who's worse, Hannibal or the flesh-wearing serial killer

Jame Gumb (played by Ted Levine).

5. I Can't Get "Goodbye Horses" Out Of My Head!

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I never heard of the band, Q Lazzarus, before the movie. Their song will forever stay in my mind. I'll never forget that scene for as long as I live.

6. "Rub The Lotion..."

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Buffalo makes sure his prey never forgets who's in charge.

7. Hannibal Escapes!

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Seriously, why you would let him escape? Hannibal beats one the guards to a bloody pulp! So shocking back then and the graphic scene still holds up!

8. No Clarice! Don't Go Into The Basement!

Clarice Starling is trapped in the basement with the serial killer. It's the cat hunting the mouse? Or is it the other way around?

9. He's Messing With Her!

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Buffalo Bill can see in the dark but Clarice can't! He's right in front of her and she can't see him!

10. "I'm Having An Old Friend For Dinner"

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Hannibal is on the loose and his eyes are focused on his next target.

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