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This Partner Yoga Routine Will Strengthen Your Relationship

Because you yoga better together.

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Here's a video showing you the poses:

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First, start with some partner breathing to get in the zone for this yoga session...

Sit cross-legged with your backs against each other. As you inhale and exhale, align your breathing patterns with your partner.

Then throw in a Partner Twist that will make your spine feel so good.

Twist from your waist and bring your left hand to your partner's right knee. Rest your right hand on your left knee and breathe for a moment, then do the same on the other side.


Next, get into Bound Angle pose to reach all those tight muscles in your back!

Sitting back to back, bring your two heels to touch. As your partner bends forward towards their heels, bend backwards with their back as support. Then do the same for your partner!

Now it's time to work that core! Let's get into Buddy Boat Pose to feel the burn.

Facing each other, bring your feet to touch and grasp each other's hands. Raise your feet until you are in boat pose position.

Next, stretch it out in Double Down Dog where both of you get a deep back stretch at the same time!

As your partner presses back into downward facing dog, get into the same position in front of them. Then, carefully step your feet onto their hips for an elevated version of downward dog. Repeat with you as your partner's base!

Next, make your partner's spine feel amazing with this Assisted Back Bend!

Stand back-to-back and link your arms at the elbows. Very carefully and with bent knees, bend forward and lift your partner off the ground. Make sure your partner is completely relaxed. Then, have them do the same for you!


To finish this routine off, get fancy with Flying Wheel pose (but don't worry if you're not ready for this pose yet)!

Lay on the floor and with your hands supporting your partner's upper back and your feet are supporting their bottom. Keep your partner stable as they reach for the tops of their feet. Then it's your turn to fly!

Don't forget to consult a medical professional before trying new kinds of exercise.