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    This Partner Yoga Routine Will Strengthen Your Relationship

    Because you yoga better together.

    Yoga is great and everything, but it's even better with your other half. So grab your boo or BFF and get bendy with this partner yoga routine!

    Here's a video showing you the poses:

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    First, start with some partner breathing to get in the zone for this yoga session...

    Then throw in a Partner Twist that will make your spine feel so good.

    Next, get into Bound Angle pose to reach all those tight muscles in your back!

    Now it's time to work that core! Let's get into Buddy Boat Pose to feel the burn.

    Next, stretch it out in Double Down Dog where both of you get a deep back stretch at the same time!

    Next, make your partner's spine feel amazing with this Assisted Back Bend!

    To finish this routine off, get fancy with Flying Wheel pose (but don't worry if you're not ready for this pose yet)!

    Great job! You did it!

    Don't forget to consult a medical professional before trying new kinds of exercise.