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    What Does BMI Look Like IRL?

    "If you can do it at your computer, it's not going to show you if you're actually healthy."

    BMI, or Body Mass Index, is a number calculated by your weight and height used to indicate whether a person may have health problems in the future. We gathered a bunch of people to talk about their BMI's and what the number means to them.

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    First, we asked three groups of people to arrange themselves from lowest BMI to highest BMI.

    They started strategizing how to organize themselves.

    Some of the guys even lifted up their shirts, and the girls felt each other's biceps to determine the order!

    After arranging themselves according to whatever method they thought would be best, it was revealed that every person in that group actually had the same BMI!

    The groups were then asked if they felt that BMI was an accurate way to determine health and a lot of people started shaking their heads.

    First of all, the number used for weight doesn't differentiate between muscle and fat.

    Also it doesn't take into account lifestyle.

    There are just too many variables that effect health for this simple equation to be definitive!

    That being said, figuring out your BMI is a good starting point to see if you should make some changes in your life.