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    This Quick Yoga Routine Will Help Improve Your Posture

    Your body will thank you!

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    Let's be real, so many of us sit in a chair all day long and don't think of our posture as much as we probably should. Get rid of your slouch and improve your posture with this quick and easy yoga routine!

    Here's a video to follow along with:

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    Let's begin standing at the back of your mat. Slowly hinge at your hips and grab for your opposite elbows. Keep a slight bend in your knees and breathe while you hang in rag doll pose!

    This will give your back muscles a nice stretch.

    Next, walk your hands out in front of you and press your hips up towards the sky. Now you're in downward dog pose!

    Keep a slight bend in your knees if needed. This will give your back and shoulders the stretch they need!

    Now, let's shift your body forward and come into plank pose!

    This pose will strengthen your core, which will definitely help improve your posture!

    Lower down to your stomach and bring your elbows in towards your chest. Push up through your forearms to come into sphinx pose!

    Your chest will get a nice stretch from this one!

    Lower back down for a moment, then keep your core strong as you lift both your arms and your legs from the mat. Now you're in locust pose!

    This pose will help strengthen your spine!

    Next, flip over to your back and bring your heels in towards your bottom. Tighten your core and activate your glutes as you raise your pelvis towards the sky. You're in bridge pose!

    This will strengthen your lower back and stretch your neck!

    Ready to relax and improve your posture at the same time? Roll up a towel and place it in between your shoulder blades for supported fish pose!

    Let your arms and legs relax as you stretch your chest, abdomen, and hip flexors.

    Great job! Feeling a little taller already?

    Always make sure to consult with your doctor before trying new types of exercise!