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Posted on Sep 28, 2016

What Should This Woman's Next Tattoo Be?

Add your ideas!

Heather is going to let the internet pick her next tattoo. Here is a little bit of what she's looking for:

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So to review... Heather hopes her tattoo will represent overcoming her struggles with eating disorders, crippling anxiety and depression, and chronic illness.


She also wants to honor her late mother, who exhibited calmness, love, and patience, and who saw people not just for who they are, but also who they could be.

Via Heather Amos

Some meaningful symbols for Heather that you could consider adding include the color blue...

The ocean...




And starfish.


Of course you can't include all of the symbols, but use them for inspiration! Add your best ideas for her lower back tattoo in the comments below, and the tattoo artist will use the top comments as inspiration, then design the final image. Heather won't see the tattoo until it's on her body!

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