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These Guys Tried Long Hair For A Week And Learned That The Struggle Is Real

Whip it reallll good.

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These three guys wanted to see what it was like to live with long hair for a week. So we brought in a wig expert (a wigspert?) and gave it a go!

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The thought of having long hair unleashed a lot of inner longing in these dudes.

They were ready to let loose...

...And maybe even make some permanent lifestyle changes.

When the wigs were first revealed the only reaction the men could produce were a series of crazy sounds.

The transformation produced a plethora of reactions. And by plethora we just mean uncontrollable shock-induced laughter.

Robin discovered his true calling when he realized he looked like a "disappointed geisha."

While Ryan just wanted to know where the organic vegetables were.

And Derrick just straight-up looked like someone handed Jesus an iPhone.

As the week wore on the guys discovered that it was "mo' hair, mo' problems..." Robin's headphones developed separation anxiety and stuck themselves permanently to his wig.

Ryan became an angsty teenage girl and retreated to his car at night to ponder his fraudulent, phony existence.

And not even three Excedrin pills and a million people saying he looked like Jesus could cure Derrick's headache.

Eventually, it was decided that long hair was a sticky struggle and an aesthetic that only worked in certain situations.

Except if you're Derrick, in which case it was a religious and miraculous experience.

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