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    16 Of The Best Places To Buy Scented Candles If You're Candle-Obsessed

    You can't buy happiness but you can buy candles and that's kiiiinda the same thing.

    1. Lulu Pear Candle Co on Etsy has such an AMAZING collection of candles to choose from. If you're as obsessed with prison Mike and Steve Harrington as I am, ya need to check this shop out.

    2. Anthropologie, because I mean, duh, bow down to royalty. Their candles are aesthetically outta this world AND smell heavenly.

    3. Target, *aka* the second happiest place on Earth after Disney of course, carries tons of candles.

    4. Teresa Lynn's Simple Luxuries makes all kinds of candles, even aromatherapy candles that can help ease headache symptoms.

    5. Otherland creates magical, hand-poured candles packaged absolutely beautifully. They have their core scents, but regularly roll out limited edition scents to keep you coming back for more.

    A cardamom candle next to a bunny

    6. Harlem Candle Company that screams "let's be cozy" with a bit of luxury.

    A candle in a red jar

    7. Uncommon Goods creates the most jaw-dropping, unique, gorgeous candles. There's nothing ordinary about these beauties.

    8. Urban Outfitters is always a vibe and they've got an awesome selection of candles with fun shapes with cute sayings.

    9. Chakra Sister on Etsy makes spiritual candles handmade with love and I can't think of anything as warm as that. Almost like a grandma's hug. And like, *jaw drops* that glitter, those colors! Beauuuuu-ti-fuuuul.

    Colorful candles with crystals and glitter in them

    10. Brooklyn Candle Studio is super dreamy for anyone who loves a minimalist aesthetic and smells that are sure to captivate you. These candles are completely handmade from the wicking to the labeling and their eco-friendly candles are inspired by travel, moments, and memories. The cutest.

    11. Boy Smells dreams up candles with unique scents beyond the gender binary. For example — Cinderose which marries rose and smoke, packaged in pink. 💖

    12. Homesick sells a candle for anything you can think of — from a new home, to a new job, to New York. You'll never run out of gift ideas orrrr reasons to treat yourself to a new candle.

    A set of five Harry Potter candles

    13. Witchy Wicks on Etsy crafts magical candles inspired by nostalgia and our favorite TV shows. I mean, seriously, howwww cute are these darling little candles?!

    14. Yankee Candle — aka the candle champ — has a huge range of styles and scents, including personalized options.

    A pink cherry and vanilla candle

    15. Nordstrom carries all types of incredible quality items, including candles! Good ole Nordies — you know you're always gonna get something good from them!

    16. Baum Designs Shop has amazingly hilarious candles that would be a perfect gift for the gassy person in your life. Definitely grabbing one of these for my mom with my dad's name on it.

    A candle that says "light when Chris farts"

    That feeling the first week after you go on a candle splurge:

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