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David Cameron Doesn't Know The Difference Between Middlesbrough And Newcastle

The prime minister started talking to bemused Teesside residents about investment in Tyneside.

David Cameron went on the radio today and boasted about how much the government is investing in Tyneside. Unfortunately, he was being interviewed on BBC Radio Tees. Listen here:

Cameron was interrupted by the BBC presenter, who explained to the prime minister that the Tyne was in Newcastle, not Middlesbrough.

Presenter: "You keep mentioning the River Tyne. That's not our region prime minister. I'm sorry, we are the River Tees."

Cameron: "I'm sorry, I thought I was doing...."

The PM then switched to talking about £90 million of investment in the Tees Valley.

  1. See if you can do better than David Cameron. Does the River Tyne run through Newcastle upon Tyne?


    Of course the Tyne runs through Newcastle. It's in the name.

David, if you're reading this, here's a quick rule of thumb for remembering the difference: