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Saved By The Bell - How Oslo Saved These Kiwis From #vacayfail

Many popular european destinations face the same problem – popularity. Yes. They might just be too damn popular. Popularity means a bunch of people going too the same place at the same time. A lot of destinations might be great in theory, but what about when reality checks in?

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That's the backdrop for Visit Oslo’s take on the issue. There is definitely more to Europe than a handful of destinations, and Oslo (the capital of Norway) want’s to be the new kid on the block by showing that it might just have what it takes to make it a destination for a city break - with a lot less crowds to beat.

A distress call on Instagram

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Searching Tripadvisor and social media for grief they pretty much knew they would find, the capital picked up a distress-call on instagram: A Kiwi couple trapped in a mosh-pit at the Louvre, trying to get a glimpse of the Mona Lisa. They were offered a vacation bail out; jump this overcrowded ship for an unforgettable 48 Hours in Oslo. Yeah Oslo. We promise, It’s gonna be great

From #vacayfail to adventure of a lifetime

Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: VisitOslo

After being convinced that this was a real offer and not internet scam, the Kiwis packed up their bags and shortly after arrived in the Norwegian capital.

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– "I don’t think we could have predicted any of the activities that we have done in Oslo. For us to feel this way after only just 48 hours here, I think says a lot about what the city has to offer," said Marela Glavas after their stay. Oslo pretty much nodded, and replied «Thanks, that’s what we we’ve been trying to say all along.»

1,5 million WTF's and counting.

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The video doumenting Sam and Marelas experience are making it’s rounds on the internet, and triggering travellers all over the world. Seeing the movie it’s pretty easy to see why - Oslo might not be Paris, but hey, it seems pretty darn nice, huh?

The rescued Kiwis were by lodged up in a sort of green house-apartment right next to the citys famous opera house (available on Airbnb if you fancy)

Eat that, Mona Lisa!😉

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OK, they never got a good look at the Mona Lisa, but between them and the worlds second most iconic picture there were only a few inches and ABSOLUTE BLISS AND SERENITY. For real. (Eat that, Mona Lisa.) During their stay they got not one, but two sculpture parks. Both sights were free and both labeled “contains nudity”. The famous and massive Vigeland park, and the less known Ekeberg park. Lot’s of nude people made from stone everywhere, with added bonus of super known artist like Renoir and Dalí, to James Turrell and Damian Hirst. And still no lines.

Convincing appeal from Oslo? For more Oslolove, check out the #Oslove hashtag on instagram. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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