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6 Ignite Talks Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

6 Ignite Talks that will help you become a better business owner in a half hour.

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If you haven’t heard about Ignite Talks , you can think of them as a 5 minute cousin to TED talks. But with a twist, every talk consists of 20 slides that will auto advance every 15 seconds. Speakers up for this challenge have taken this format and given amazing presentations at Ignite events in over 350 cities all over the world.

Since the format is short and sweet, but not as famous as TED the collective brain that runs this account decided to scour the internet and find the 6 Ignite talks every entrepreneur should watch. Why 6?, Because 6 X 5 = 30 minutes and I truly believe spending only half an hour taking in this information can help you become an exponentially better entrepreneur and business owner.

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Jason Grigsby - Cup Noodle: Innovation, Inspiration and Manga

Cup of Noodle is the fuel behind more than a few startups, but the story behind the company is also a startup lesson. From overcoming cultural barriers to the challenge of cooking a cup of cheap noodles in a microwave. There are a few great startup lessons from this story.

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Mason Pelt - Your Entire Worldview is Wrong

Starting off dark and political, this talk quickly turns to entrepreneurship and product development. Covering how iterative testing works and citing examples, both from history and personal experience of how decisions made off of opinion and cherry picked data have caused incredible harm in the world and stifled innovation.

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Sam Pierce Lolla - UX Design for Startups

Almost picking up where the last talk left off, this talk covering design process in a startup gives a sense of how to roll with the punches in a free flowing environment. If there is a single take away from this talk it’s that user experience is more than visual design, UX is end to end user experience, great design is only a part of the user's experience, but design is a big part, so test and iterate.

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Steve Souders - The Illusion of Speed

You’re probably familiar with the placebo effect, but many of us don’t realize how many placebo’s we’re given on any given day. From buttons that do nothing to Coinstar machines inflating the time it takes to count your change. The reasons for all of these are the same; perception is often more real than reality.

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Damian Skinner - Poor Boy Innovation

They say “necessity is the mother of invention” and that may well be true, but the secret sauce to innovation is that there is no secret sauce. This talk is a look at how removing your options can force innovation. Compare how the third world keeps car running compared to the first world when you have no other options you’ll get creative.

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Bethany Marzewski - Getting Past Hello… How to Talk to Anyone

If you’re in a startup or own a business, you have to network on some level. For a lot of people walking into a room full of strangers and making friends is a very real struggle. Even if you’re not shy - What do you say? This talk will give you a few lessons to become a networking pro.

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