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    32 Things That'll Make Your Kitchen Feel Like The Coolest Restaurant Around

    Your fave new dinner spot is just steps away.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Some chalkboard paint so you can dress up your walls with tonight's menu, funny messages, cute doodles, and more, knowing you can just wipe it clean and start fresh anytime!

    A kitchen wall painted with the chalkboard paint, with the words "The Kitchen's CLOSED on Sunday" written in chalk

    Promising review: "This paint is great. Covers well with one coat and super with two coats. Perfect for any chalkboard project." —MusicGal

    Get one quart from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in four colors and three sizes).

    2. A sturdy, minimalist bench dining room set that'll add some trendy restaurant charm to your home without taking up a bunch of space.

    Wooden dining room set with table and two benches

    Promising review: "Exactly as advertised and arrived on time! I ordered the espresso because I planned on painting and distressing it all along and really wanted that dark contrast to come through. I also added two chairs to the ends for additional seating and it fits perfectly! I use it in my kitchen nook. It is great for a small space but doesn't look puny." —Carrie

    Get it from Amazon for $206.57+ (available in two colors)

    3. Or a four-piece set of mid-century modern chairs to give your dinner table an upgrade in the style department.

    White dining chairs

    Promising review: "These are DEFINITELY Mom-approved! They comfortably fit everyone in our family from age 2–38 without any issues! They were super easy to put together, too!...They are incredibly easy to clean...just wipe right off with a damp dishcloth...They definitely get a 5-star rating from me, ESPECIALLY at roughly $20/chair!" —Z. Racca

    Get it from Amazon for $84.99+ (available in nine colors and with or without expert assembly)

    4. A flameless LED candle set so you can set some mood lighting for the dinner hour, minus the anxiety of having an open flame in your space.

    The candle set in a decorative tray

    Promising review: "I placed one of these candles in a bronze lantern with rocks at the base and it looks really cool. I placed the candles in separate rooms throughout the house (bedroom, living room, and kitchen table), and set them to light up at 10 p.m. and then go out at midnight. They serve as kind of a warning that two hours remain before bed and then when they go out, it's lights out and bedtime. It's a nice, relaxing way to be reminded that the end of the day is coming. They look authentic and wife and daughter love them as well." —Mike

    Get it from Amazon for $16.59+ (available in three styles).

    5. Some fake plants that make the perfect centerpiece for your table without having to deal with the maintenance of real plants.

    Three fake plants in a row on a table

    Promising review: "Perfect size. They are one of my favorite decor pieces. They're well made, they look real, and I love how versatile they are. First I had them on the shelf at the kitchen window, and now I have them on the kitchen table. You can’t go wrong with these adorable plants." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in two colors).

    6. Some super cute tea towels you can use as napkins to make every place setting feel straight out of some hip lil' restaurant that always has a 30-minute wait.

    The tea towels in strawberry, banana, and papaya patterns
    Freckled Fuchsia

    Freckled Fuchsia is a small business based in South Portland, Maine. They use plastic-free shipping and compostable packaging!

    Get a set of three, including strawberry, banana, and papaya patterns, from Freckled Fuchsia for $53 and check out their other tea towels here.

    7. And a set of personalized napkin rings to add an extra touch of class to every meal.

    A napkin cinched by a copper wire in the shape of a "J"
    Simply Chic Coils

    Simply Chic Coils is a Washington-based Etsy shop established in 2015 that specializes in personalized keepsakes made of wire.

    Promising review: "Loved them, just perfect. Will be ordering more sets for other friends who I know will like them very much. Packaged carefully...everything done with quality in mind. Thanks." —Lynda

    Get it from Simply Chic Coils on Etsy for $2 each (available in three colors).

    8. A gorgeous set of ~Insta-famous~ ceramic salt and pepper grinders so you can treat yourself to some freshly cracked salt and pep any time you want.

    The salt and pepper grinders in blush

    Promising review: "These were completely worth it! They grind so easily and you can change how course you want the salt or pepper." —AngelinaD

    Get the pair from Amazon for $79.95 (available in five colors) or Anthropologie for $80 (available in three colors).

    9. A versatile and easy-to-clean waffle maker that'll turn your home into your new fave brunch spot. It has an adjustable temp control, is compact for hassle-free storage, and makes large, deep-pocked Belgian waffles (and a variety of other foods) in just minutes!

    Model making a waffle using the maker

    Promising review: "Great waffle maker and a good value. We make everything in this: hashbrowns, mochi, waffles, green onion pancakes — you name it. We love it!" —J. Law

    Get it from Amazon for $17.88.

    10. A mixed set of stunning stemware to make you feel like you're chillin' at a cool, funky bar where the alcohol's *way* more expensive than what's actually in your fridge.

    stemware in a variety of colors
    Estelle Colored Glass

    Estelle Colored Glass is a Black woman-owned small business that creates vintage-inspired hand-blown pieces in beautiful jewel tones.

    Get a mixed set of six from Estelle Colored Glass for $175 and check out their other glassware here.

    11. A set of shallow pasta bowls so even thrown together meals can be plated with a little extra ~je ne sais quoi~.

    White plate slightly curved like a bowl with food in it

    Promising review: "These bowls are great. I lived my entire life until now without owning shallow bowls. I’ve been eating spaghetti off of a plate like some kind of wild animal. My life is forever changed." —JessieMo

    Get a set of six from Amazon for $36.99+ (available in two colors).

    12. Some huge bowls that'll make even the cheapest instant noodles look like you got them at an authentic ramen-ya. Plus, they're dishwasher-safe, and even have notches in them to keep the included (!) chopsticks and luxurious, ladle-like spoon from falling into your precious soup.

    two ramen bowls full of ramen, with the chopsticks resting in their slot

    Promising review: "Great for a hearty bowl of noodles in broth, and makes eating at home feel like eating out. The bowls and accompanying utensils are lightweight and don’t seem to be easily cracked or broken." —Adele D'Eon

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $29.99 (chopsticks and spoons included; available in three colors).

    13. Some trendy Edison bulbs to replace stale white lights with something a little warmer that'll give your dining area a charming vintage feel.


    Promising review: "I'm in love. These Edison bulbs are a phenomenal addition to just about any room in the home. I bought these bulbs for my bedside table lamps. They're a perfect addition to my Steampunk industrial themed bedroom. Definitely recommend these Edison bulbs. Side note: my bedside table lamps are touch lamps with three dimming levels. The bulbs work on all three dimming levels." —Zachary

    Get a pack of four from Amazon for $14.99.

    14. A bread basket so you can recreate one of the *best* parts of eating your own home.


    Promising review: "Just like a five-star restaurant! This is a great bread basket and cover. I washed the cover and liner when I got it. I used cold water and tumble dry and it did not shrink and fit well post the wash. The wicker is very heavy duty. Very nice basket overall!" —Dan W.

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

    15. A checkered polyester table cloth in case you wanna feel like you're at the neighborhood pizzeria every time you sit down at your table.

    A table covered with the tablecloth and two glasses and a bottle of wine

    Promising review: "Gave this tablecloth to a bachelor for his kitchen. He loved it... said it made his kitchen look like an Italian restaurant." —Charlene K

    "Beautiful, and quality fabric! Comes out of the washer, and dryer like new. No wrinkles! You have to use a low heat though. With too high of heat, it will get set in wrinkles, that you can't get out. I love this tablecloth!!!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99 (available in four sizes and nine colors).

    16. A retro Coca-Cola napkin dispenser to turn your home into your fave 24-hour diner.


    Promising reviews: "This napkin dispenser is nicely painted and holds about 150-175 6.75” X 3.5” tall fold napkins. No problem with pulling the napkins. It's sturdy and well made! I have the dispenser on my end table. It’s compact and works perfectly, without taking a lot of room, when I need a napkin. I'm so pleased with it that I am purchasing a 2nd Coca Cola napkin dispenser for the kitchen table!" —JYL2019

    "Great product for a good price. Looks like an retro diner napkin dispenser. Can’t beat it for the money." —Alexander

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in two sizes; replacement napkins also available)

    17. A pair of sturdy steel bar stools that are ideal if you've got a bar area, high top table, or just need some extra seating.

    The gray bar stools underneath a kitchen counter

    Plus, they come fully assembled and even have rubber pads on the bottom of the legs to keep them from scratching up your floor.

    Promising review: “These stools were exactly what I wanted for my modern farmhouse kitchen— they are sturdy, easy to clean, don't take up much space, and have a nice finish that blends well with stainless steel— they have a distressed look and don’t show fingerprints. A great buy!” —Shopperju

    Get it from Target $125 (available in seven colors)

    18. Some wall art that'll make every hour feel like happy hour.

    The poster featuring an illustration of a variety of cocktails, bottles, and fruits
    Sol Linerofrom / Tiny Showcase

    Tiny Showcase is a small business whose goal is to make collecting art more affordable and accessible. They release limited edition prints from a variety of incredible artists, and donate a portion of the proceeds to a nonprofit organization near and dear to the artists' heart.

    Also, heads up that Tiny Showcase has a quantity policy, meaning you can only buy two of each print, to avoid wholesale transactions and maintain the integrity of an online curated gallery.

    Get a print of The Happy Hour Poster by Sol Linerofrom from Tiny Showcase for $25+ (PayPal available).

    Check out more available pieces at Tiny Showcase here.

    19. A charming lil' salt, pepper, and caddy set perfect for rooms with a farmhouse or industrial aesthetic.

    Reviewer holding the caddy

    Promising review: "Very cute and functional! I love the farmhouse decor look of this salt and pepper caddy set. I purchased two of these. The bottom padding on the caddy is very well done and will avoid scratching surfaces. It is small and tidy and there is sufficient room at the handle to easily pick it up and move to and from table. Great for my kitchen and great for taking outside when dining on the deck. Love it!" —MeMa

    Get it from Amazon $16.97.

    20. A jukebox with built-in speakers that'll turn any room into the retro soda fountain of your dreams. It works with Bluetooth and aux cables, and has a built in FM radio! You can even get one with a CD player — remember those?

    The jukebox sitting  on the counter in a 50's themed room

    Promising review: "This jukebox is AMAZING! The colors and style, and look are EXACTLY like the old school soda fountain jukeboxes I remember from my childhood. This makes me so happy. My husband is in the process of finishing a soda fountain room with the old retro table going in and vintage soda and ice cream signs, and he will LOVE this. Get it. It sounds great, the look is exceptional, and I had it out of the box and running in two minutes. It has an AUX jack in the back, and has a FM cord already on it. The lights DO run if you only want to do lights and not sound — they operate independently of each other..... you can have one solid light, or have it rotate around several cool retro colors. Finally — it takes bluetooth fine, I was running/streaming music from my phone to this unit with great/clear sound considering the size of the unit... it's not a 500 dollar sound system folks, so don't expect that when paying 69 dollars for something that has every single thing about it just perfect. Buy this, TOTALLY WORTH IT!" —Molly

    Get it from Amazon for $69.57+ (available with or without a CD player).

    21. Or a tiny Bluetooth speaker if you want your dinner time playlist to come from a more subtle source that has no business sounding as incredible as it somehow does.

    A person holding the small cylindrical speaker between their fingers

    It also comes with a travel case!

    Promising review: "Blown away by the sound quality put out from this tiny, inexpensive speaker. It's miniature in size but surprisingly heavy and well-built (I dropped it on a hard floor and didn't even get a dent or break it). Puts out sound nearly equal in quality to my more expensive $100 speakers. It paired very easily but doesn't have extra features like sound adjustment on the speaker directly — which is fine because it costs less than $20. There's no tinny quality to its audio output, it delivers full rich sound with good bass. Battery life is decent for such a low-cost speaker. I honestly have no complaints about this product. It's an amazing speaker for so little cost." —Alex

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in three colors).

    22. Some battery-powered LED letter lights you can mount or lean against the wall to let guests know that the bar *is* open.

    The letters spelling out the word "BAR"

    Promising review: "I love these. They are stronger than I was expecting for the price. The lights are bright and warm. They have a simple on/off switch and take two AA batteries each. I hung them with Velcro strips so I can easily take them up or down if I want them on or not. They certainly gave me the wall effect I was going for. They are better than I expected for such a low price point. If you don't hang them, they would stand up nicely on a table as well." —Shadextrem

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in 26 letters, cloud, crown, heart, and star shapes, and the world "LOVE").

    23. And some LED string lights for a little extra ambience. These ones allow you to choose between eight modes so you can set them to twinkle, fade, remain steady, and more depending on your mood!,

    Promising review: "I absolutely love these lights. I bought them for my dorm in college because bad lighting puts me in a weird mood. These lights are beautiful and made the room feel warm, cozy, and homey. They also helped with 'winter blues' that I always get because I live in Michigan and the winter weather is always cold and gloomy, so having nice lighting helped a lot. I received tons of compliments on them every time someone came into my room. I love these lights so much that I bought another set to hang in my room at home. Just buy these beautiful lights!" —Madelynn K.

    Get them from Amazon for $15.28+ (available in white and red/blue/green).

    24. A set of large mason jar drinking glasses so every homemade cocktail feels like it came from your local hipster bar.

    The mason jar drinking glasses with straws in them

    Get a set of four from Walmart for $11.48.

    25. A set of four terrazzo dishes in a variety of beautiful colors you'd be jealous of if you saw them at a stylish cafe.

    The dishes in four different colors on a table
    Xenia Taler

    Xenia Taler is a Toronto-based small business.

    Get a set of four from Xenia Taler for $40.

    26. And a set of rainbow flatware that might just turn your kitchen into the coolest eatery in town.

    Rainbow tinted silverware on a plate

    Promising review: "OMG I’m in love with the color of these!!! They’re so beautiful and shiny!! I thought maybe they would be too much cleaning for me cuz I don’t want to have to polish my silverware every time I wash them! I just don’t have time for that but thankfully that isn’t an issue with these they come out of the dishwasher all bright and pretty looking brand new!!! They seem to be a good quality all the way around!!! I definitely recommend getting these!!! I had a dinner party and my guests all had to know where I got my unicorn silverware!! Lol I think they should be renamed for sure!! Unicorn silverware is a very fitting name for these!!" —Katie Eagle

    Get a 20-piece set from Amazon for $23.99.

    27. An acacia wood cheese board so you can charcuterie with just as much panache as that expensive small plates place you can't stop thinking about.

    The cheese board
    Effortless Composition

    Effortless Composition is a Black woman-owned small business based in LA that offers eclectic home and kitchen goods that'll help elevate your space.

    Get it from Effortless Composition for $36.

    28. A simply gorgeous cake stand so you can display baked goods and other foods with as much allure as the cute little bakery everyone lines up outside of every morning.


    Promising review: "Beautifully made. Just love it! Gorgeous color, high quality and will be fantastic for entertaining. I plan to use it for anything, not just cake." — Chelsea

    Get it from Food52 for $44+.

    29. A stunning African print table runner that'll make even the most boring tables look like a work of art.

    Bespoke Binny / Etsy

    Bespoke Binny is a Black woman-owned small business that offers stunning African-inspired home decor, accessories, and clothes that'll make any home more vibrant!

    Get it from Bespoke Binny on Etsy for $37.01.

    30. An electric fireplace to make your dining room feel a lil' more cozy and fancy. No complicated hookups or vents required! Just plug it in, close your eyes, and pretend you're back at the lodge eating a nice meal after a long day of skiing.


    Promising review: "Wow! For an electric fireplace, this thing is pretty slick. I have done a ton of research because I am really picky about the flame looking as realistic as possible. The appearance of the flames comes from a projection that reflects off of whatever surface is behind the unit. The flames are adjustable mechanically, but can further be adjusted to your liking by moving the unit closer to or farther away from the reflective surface behind it. I feel like this flame is fairly realistic, especially as compared to most other electric fireplaces on the market." —dguzi

    Get it from Amazon for $199.99.

    31. A hilarious mug that'll turn your kitchen into a bonafide ~spite store~.

    Model holding the mug that reads "LATTE LARRY'S" with a little mug illustration

    Promising review: "I was really impressed with the quality of the mug! It's truly the classic diner mug. This was a gift for someone, but now I want my own. Definitely recommend!" —Krystal Yam

    Get it from MakerMate on Etsy for $17.

    32. And finally, some cafe-worthy, handmade espresso cups you'll love serving along with dessert to add a pop of color to the spread.

    The cups in a variety of colors
    CallunaCo / Etsy

    Promising review: "I love these! I bought the green and grey and can't wait to collect the other colors! Very well made, the colors are vivid, and the cups have nice weight to them. Thanks!" —rwademan94

    Get it from CallunaCo on Etsy for $11 (available in nine colors).

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