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    30 Products Anyone Who Loves The Outdoors Will Likely Want

    Just some things to help you have fun in the sun.

    1. A tinted mineral face sunscreen with SPF 30 formulated to protect faces of all skintones without leaving behind a ghostly residue. You can wear it on its own, or even use it as a primer under makeup that'll help minimize pores and moisturize skin, using a blend of natural extracts you'll feel good about.

    2. A Lifestraw personal water filter that uses a microfiltration membrane to eliminate bacteria and parasites so you can safely drink from any water source in case you run out of clean H2O while camping or hiking.

    reviewer drinking out of a stream from a lifestraw

    3. An inflatable lounge chair – it requires no electricity or pumps! Just whip it in the wind to blow it up, and enjoy having somewhere comfy to lounge, even if you're in the middle of nowhere.

    reviewer laying in purple inflated chair

    4. A large beach bag designed to let sand fall through its mesh fabric so you don't have to deal with a big mess after a day of catching some rays by the ocean.

    reviewer holding pink white and blue beach bag made of mesh

    5. A mini soccer net for anyone who wants to bring a little World Cup energy to their own backyard.

    small soccer net in yard

    6. Some melt-resistant lip balm with SPF 30 so you can keep the sun's hot kiss from burning up your lips after a long day out in the elements.

    black tube of orange lip balm

    7. An over-fire camp grill to take your outdoor cooking to the next level.

    metal grate over campfire with two pans and a coffee percolator on top

    8. Or a tabletop barbecue if you don't have the space for a campfire or full-sized grill, but still wanna enjoy some meats and veggies over an open flame.

    People grilling meat and potatoes on the white barbecue

    9. A floppy hat for anyone looking for a fashionable method of keeping the hot sun off of their face.

    reviewer wears the hat

    10. A nature-inspired accent pillow so you have a gorgeous view even if you're just taking a snooze at home between hikes.

    round hook pillow with a minimalist sun and mountain scene

    11. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you can soundtrack all of your adventures with stellar playlists!

    round speaker with carabiner in palm of reviewer's hand

    12. A cot and air mattress for anyone who loves the outdoors, but would prefer a little more of a ~glamping~ experience.

    two models sitting on a queen-size inflatable mattress on a cot inside a tall tent

    13. A bocce ball set so you always have a fun game to play, no matter where you are!

    four yellow and four blue bocce balls with one small white ball in grass

    14. A pair of waterproof Vasque Breeze LT boots made specifically for long hikes, and designed for long-lasting comfort, moisture-wicking sweat reduction, and shock-absorbing support — all without feeling bulky.

    plum and black thick-soled mid-height hiking boots

    15. A camping chair loveseat that'll add a little romance to your next adventure with your partner.

    camping chair that looks like two camping chairs melded together with no middle arm rests

    16. An ultra-light reusable set of utensils you can clip to your backpack for meals on the wide open trail.

    A set of utencils

    17. Some incredible tasting instant coffee that manages to fit six cups in one tiny box so you can bring it along on your next adventure without it taking up a bunch of space in your maxed-out backpack.

    a mug filled with coffee next to a small box and an open packet of the Mountain sunrise coffee mix

    18. A pair of binoculars so you can get a closer look at the gorgeous wildlife around you without having to get ~too~ close.

    hands holding small black binoculars

    19. A subscription to Huppy that'll provide you with toothpaste tablets in the flavor of your choice that come in biodegradable and recyclable packaging, making them easy to use on the go.

    Model pouring the tablets out of the bag and into a container

    20. A Rumpl indoor/outdoor blanket – it's waterproof and dirt resistant so you can stay warm, cozy, *and* dry even if you're snoozin' under the stars.

    21. A custom landscape watercolor to remind you of the great outdoors even when you're stuck inside.

    22. An easy-to-assemble Helinox ultra-light chair so you have a comfy place to take a load off after a long day on your feet.

    review image of dog next to short bucket seat chair

    23. A lantern and fan hybrid that'll help keep it cool and bright in your tent without taking up a whole bunch of much-needed space.

    light and fan combo hanging inside a tent

    24. A huge umbrella for maximum coverage and stability so you can avoid it being swept up by strong ocean winds.

    models on beach under big umbrella with two staked-down side flaps

    25. Some extra long string lights that'll add some magical ambience to any campsite, patio, or backyard.

    backyard patio with stringlights

    26. A raised garden bed because there's nothing like a fresh salad made from veggies you grew yourself! Plus, having more plants to care for means you get to spend a little more time in the great outdoors.

    white garden bed next to others on patio full of dirt and growing plants

    27. And a raised barrel planter handcrafted from reclaimed wine barrels if you wanna add a conversation piece to your thriving garden.

    half of a wine barrel on three legs

    28. A pack of TaylorMade Distance+ golf balls so you always have some extras around when all you wanna do is practice your swing under blue skies and have a little you-time.

    pack of white golf balls

    29. An eight-piece mess kit that includes everything you need for a successful outdoor meal. These waterproof, versatile, and tight-locking designs also pack together efficiently so they are easy to transport to your favorite picnic location!

    30. And finally, a KiwiCo monthly crate for kids that sends fun and enriching projects for all ages and interests to spark discovery and creativity in young minds, combining learning and entertainment into something they'll enjoy and benefit from in the long run. Now your little ones will be prepared for some adventures of their own!

    The contents of Kiwi Co.'s Atlas geography crate spread out

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