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​​​12 Things That Honestly Suck About Hanging With Co-Workers

Can we all stop the charade? Havin' fun with work buddies sucks.

1. Be real. You don't hate them, but you don't love them.

2. Small talk is more painful than a year-end review.

3. The number of babies you don't care about on your newsfeed will double.

4. And Happy Hour is a literal land mine.

5. Co-worker karaoke is Satan's gift to the world.

6. Legit the only thing you have in common is work.

7. Goodbye drinks = peer pressure to be distraught and stuff.

8. And birthday parties in far-away neighborhoods hurt the soul.

9. There's nothing like realizing that you are vastly underpaid over appetizers.

10. Also, you actually have a crush on that one person.

11. There will always be a TMI moment.

12. When it's all over, you will have to hug.

The ultimate ugh? When your co-worker friends you on Facebook.

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