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13 Ways To Tell If You Suck At Texting

Don't change your ways, terrible texter. #KeepOnSucking with Jolly Rancher candy!

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1. There will never come a moment in which you want to text "duck," "ducked," or "ducking."


"Let it go, autocorrect. You can't change me."

2. Sometimes you accidentally text the person you're gossiping about.

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And you have no choice but to pack up, move to another country, and change your name.

3. Autocorrect suggests truths about yourself that you're not prepared to face. / Via

According to autocorrect, tonight is not a "pizza" night, but a "pitiful night."

4. Group texts must be stopped.

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Please. Stop the harassment.

5. At times, you can text a little too much.

6. And at other times, you might fail to text enough.

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7. And worse...sometimes, you fall asleep before responding to an important text.

Esteban Cinematografica / Via ← Sosias La mitad de nuestras vidas → Burial Ground MAY 11 Publicado por sr. nistagmo Le notti del terrore

You will never hear the end of it.

8. Sometimes you respond to a series of five different rapid-fire questions with a simple "yes." / Via

Dear god...what have you gotten yourself into...

9. There's nothing worse than a person CALLING YOU when you don't respond to their texts.


RUN. RUN!!!!

10. Aside from someone texting you something that DEFINITELY DESERVES A PHONE CALL.


What...what have I just read...?

11. Accidentally sending a voice memo is baffling and scary. / Via

"No, that was not an animal. Yes, you have just heard me enjoying my grilled cheese a little too much."

12. Texting your mom when you mean to text the person you're dating is a fate worse than death.


She will never recover. You will never recover. But your crush is like "lol."

13. And the most terrifying text of all might be: "Can we talk?"


Waiting for someone to push send...

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