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13 Situations That Just Flat-Out Suck

Sometimes life just sucks, man. #KeepOnSucking with Jolly Rancher!

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1. When the trampoline just won't behave the way it should.


And you end up in shambles.

2. Or when your tiny basketball hoop has it out to get you.


And you get caught in its trap.

3. When the shopping cart has its heart set on revenge.


And your knees take the blame.

4. Or when your heels realize they weren't made for walking...or standing, even.


Poor thing.

5. When the glowstick decides to throw in the towel.


And leaves its legacy all over your shirt.

6. Or when your pet bull decides that today is just NOT the day.

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"Sorry, Charlie."

7. When your pan says "no omelet for you!"


Mais, non!

8. And when your yo-yo makes it personal.


It's not your fault, lil' man!

9. When the champagne won't give in without a fight.


"I will go down with this ship..."

10. Or when your pet goat still has a few things he needs to say.


"Now just wait one minute there mister!"

11. When your bubblegum doesn't care how good of a hair day you're having.



12. When the dominos don't care how cute you are.


They said they DON'T wanna play!!

13. Or when the garbage truck just doesn't want anyone to have a good day.


None are spared the wrath of the garbage truck. None.

When that ONE red sock turns your entire wardrobe pink.

Courtesy of Jolly Rancher

When life sucks, #KeepOnSucking on Jolly Rancher!

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