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    79 Bar Names That Make Excellent Alibis

    It's cool when bars are named things like "The Office" or "Working Overtime" so you don't have to lie when your significant other asks to know where you've been. Here are some other good examples:

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    1. My Phone Died

    2. Burning The Midnight Oil

    3. Very Bad Traffic

    4. The DMV

    5. Walking Around The Neighborhood

    6. Urgent Care

    7. The Emergency Room

    8. Buried In Emails

    9. 24 Hour Emergency Vet

    10. 24 Hour Fitness

    11. My Flight Was Delayed

    12. Talking To My Mom On The Phone

    13. Helping My New Friend Cory Move A Sofa

    14. Getting An Oil Change

    15. Doing Some Volunteer Work

    16. Getting Home To You As Soon As I Could

    17. Talking To My New Friend Cory On The Phone

    18. I Fell Asleep On The Train

    19. The Boss Finally Called Me Back

    20. The Genius Bar

    21. I Needed New Pants

    22. Call Of Duty At Cory's

    23. I Heard The Train Had Bed Bugs So I Decided To Walk Home

    24. I Must've Fallen Asleep At My Desk

    25. A Matinee Of The New Transformers Movie

    26. Taking An Improv Class

    27. Playing With The Neighbor's Dog

    28. I Had To Drop My Friend Off At The Airport

    29. Stuck On Hold With The Cable Company

    30. I Got A Little Lost In The Woods Outside Of Town

    31. Meditating In The Park

    32. Thinking About The Transformers Movie

    33. The Grocery Store, But Everything Was Out Of Stock

    34. Picking Up A Package At The Post Office

    35. Working On A Secret Project

    36. Collecting My Thoughts

    37. Finding Out I'm Very Allergic To Bee Stings

    38. I Just Want To Hug My Kids And Go To Sleep

    39. Oh, You Know, Here And There

    40. Does It Even Matter?

    41. I Fell Asleep On The Train Again (It Went All The Way To The Last Stop)

    42. I Couldn't Find My Car Keys And Looked Everywhere, But They Were In My Back Pocket

    43. The Wheelchair Ramp On My Bus Broke And We Had To Wait For A Crew To Come And Fix It Before We Could Get Off And Jump On Another Bus

    44. It Was The Office Manager's Birthday So We All Had A Couple Drinks

    45. Rethinking My Life Priorities In Response To This Article I Read About Climate Change

    46. Time Is Precious, I Know This Now

    47. I've Learned My Lessons

    48. Turning A Negative Into A Positive

    49. Living My Life

    50. I Got Locked In A Truck Stop Bathroom

    51. The Seasons Are Changing And I Took Some Allergy Medicine, But It Was The Drowsy Kind, And I Need To Sleep It Off Now

    52. I Found Out They'd Been Putting Champagne In The Orange Juice

    53. The Bar, But I Stuck With Light Beer

    54. I Took The Car To The Shop And One Of The Mechanics Spilled A Little Gasoline On My Shirt

    55. A Beer Truck Tipped Over On The Freeway And I Pulled The Driver To Safety

    56. I Was Force-Fed Liquor By A Psychopath At Knife Point

    57. I Got Locked In A Truck Stop Bathroom Again

    58. My Office Building Was Graffitied And I Had To Remove It All With Paint Thinner

    59. There Is A Not-Insignificant Amount Of Alcohol In Every Bottle Of Kombucha

    60. The Convenience Store Was Robbed, And The Robber's Bullet Went Into The Beer Refrigerator - Beer Splashed All Over Me

    61. The Neighbor Kid Threw A Water Balloon Full Of Gin At Me

    62. This Guy Named Cory At Work Smashed A Full Beer On My Head

    63. I May Have Sustained A Concussion

    64. A Hobo Splashed Me With A Cup Of Cheap Wine When I Told Him To Get A Job

    65. Who Are You, My Mom?

    66. Where Were You?

    67. We're Not Chained At The Hip

    68. Let's Not Have This Conversation Right Now

    69. I Didn't Know This Relationship Had A Code Of Conduct

    70. Not Smoking Cigarettes, If That Makes You Feel Any Better

    71. Can't We Just Watch Netflix And Enjoy The Rest Of The Evening?

    72. Are You Writing A Book?

    73. Um, It's Actually A Restaurant, Not A Bar

    74. I Thought I Invited You

    75. You Honestly Think I'm Having An Affair?

    76. I'm Not Perfect And I Never Said I Was

    77. I've Made A Terrible Mistake

    78. We Need To Talk

    79. I've Been Home All Night; Are You Feeling Okay?

    Bar photo by jchapiewsky on Flickr / CC BY-SA http://2.0