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14 Things Every Sausage Lover Knows To Be True

Because everybody loves the sau-s-sau-s-sau-sau-sau-sausage!

1. There is no texture more satisfying than the crunch when you bite into that casing.

2. They are just as good for breakfast as they are for dinner.

Beautiful with eggs and beautiful with peppers.

3. They always come out juicy.

4. Cooking a sausage is the EASIEST because there is zero prep.

5. They always come out perfectly seasoned.

6. So, by default, sausages make you look like you know how to cook.

7. They are delectable in pasta.

8. They are scrumptious cut up.

9. They are mouthwatering in buns.

10. Sausage is nom-worthy in anything you throw it on.

11. They are full of protein and therefore FILLING.

12. The things are gosh dang portable.

13. They come in all different meats, flavors, and sizes.

14. Come on, they are just SO HARD TO RESIST.

There is no meat as perfect as sausage, and every meal deserves a little thrown in.