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17 Of The Messiest Babies To Ever Exist

How much of a mess can a messy baby make? The size doesn't matter when you have extra-large NEW JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE® baby cleansing cloths!

1. "I am pasta, and pasta is me."

2. "Dirt! What a fun new toy."

3. "Hey, you said I could have my cake and eat it too!"

4. "You're gonna love the new paint job, Daddy. I made it with my own two hands!"

5. "Wow! It's so much easier to eat this if you just dive in face first."

6. "Honestly, we should all be eating cakes this way."

7. "Art is what drives me, and this art needs a ride to its exhibit."

8. "Who needs utensils when we have hands?"

9. "I wanted to give him some makeup!"

10. "I read somewhere that wearing your probiotics has the same effect as digesting them."

11. "I think I’ve got this whole baking thing figured out. Can someone pass the frosting?”

12. "I thought to-go meant it was ready to go in my tummy. So I saved some on my face for later!"

13. "The best thing about this new lip kit is you never have to wash it off! 👄💄"

14. "Finished digging my hole and ready for lunch now!"

15. "But myyyy mud bath is opening my chakras."

16. "Bathing myself in nature's aura is the only bath I have time for, Ma."

17. "And now my hand shall be stuck to this floor for the rest of eternity."

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