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If You Treated Your Adult Friends The Way You Treat Your Kids

Things would get real weird. It's amazing how having children changes the way we see the world. With JOHNSON'S®, treasure all the #LittleWonders and new discoveries that happen with your baby.

1. You’d reward your adult friend for using the toilet when he came over to your house.

Which is like super-duper strange.

2. You’d tell them how impressed you are by their physical flexibility.

Looks like those yoga classes are really paying off, you amazingly limber person, you.

3. You’d write a status update when *someone* said their pleases and thank-yous.

Enforcing good manners are important, after all!

4. You'd blow on your pal's hot food so it cooled down before it hit their mouth...

"Hot! Hot! Careeeeeeeeful."

5. ...and when they had food on their face, you wouldn’t hesitate to wipe it off.

"I was saving that for later..."

6. You'd make all sorts of silly faces just to see them laugh:

7. You’d think they were the smartest person alive for mastering the simplest tasks.

OMG they're cheersing!

8. You’d know when your friend made “that” smile that they had just passed gas.

9. You’d be concerned and internally panic for a second every time they sneezed.


10. And you’d get SO excited to take pictures of your friend when they finally slept through the night.

(Instead of being bummed she fell asleep on your couch during "girls night in" for the 1,000th time.)

Go ahead and take those pictures of your sleeping babes — #LittleWonders like these make parenting amazing. JOHNSON’S® will be there along your journey as you rediscover these joys with your baby.

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