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15 Faces That Are All Too Familiar For New Parents

You're dealing with a lot these days. Let JOHNSON'S® 3-step BEDTIME® Routine help! After a relaxing bath, give a soothing massage before quiet time and get ready to see that happy, sleeping face you love.

1. When someone bearded walks into the room:

2. When you still thought multitasking was going to be easy:

3. When the baby gets upset for literally no reason whatsoever:

4. When your dog realizes he's no longer an only child:

5. When your mother-in-law bites her tongue, even though she really wants to give you some advice:

6. When the doctor tells you it's time to push:

7. When the binky falls out:

8. When you gently tickle their favorite spot:

9. When you know you're going to have to change a ripe diaper soon:

10. When you introduce a new flavor into the baby's diet:

11. When they just want the boob before bed:

12. When your wife says "it's your turn":

13. When they're in a milk coma:

14. When your firstborn realizes he's stuck with this new smell factory forever:

15. When you know you're doing something right:

JOHNSON’S® 3-step BEDTIME® Routine, the only clinically proven routine to help your baby fall asleep up to 30% faster and be 58% less likely to wake during the night.

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