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  • Horses And Bayonets - The Song By Erskine

    Horses and Bayonets - The Song This song about horses, bayonets, and America was inspired by the presidential debate held yesterday, October 23, 2012 between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. The song was created by the single artist named Erskine. There is nothing cooler than a guy on a jumping horse holding a bayonet fighting for America (well, so we’re told). I hope you enjoy the fine piece of art. Lyrics: something, something, something.. HORSES AND BAYONETS something, something, something.. HORSES AND BAYONETS HORSES AND BAYONETS… HORSES AND BAYONETS… guns, something else thats awesomesauce, American Flag, something AMERICA! (4x)

  • Face Breaker App - Bricker Bricker’s Retro Remix

    Face Breaker is kind like the classic game Brick Breaker, except it allows you to break your friend’s faces. You can either take a picture of them, grab a picture from your gallery, or break their facebook profile picture. It has some retro (bright and crappy) graphics, and some catchy tunes. Overall, it’s pretty fun to play, and I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Pretty Awesome Website

    This is a pretty awesome video of the day website, check it out give some feedback or alternatives you know of, I’m always looking for new sites to waste time on! Best videos so far this week from Todays Awesome Sauce.

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