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This Creepy Dude Pissed Off Hundreds Of Redheads With One Post

This may be the largest Mass Ginger Snap in history

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Welcome to Redhead Appreciation Society - a private Facebook group dedicated to redheads and redhead lovers all over the world.

Within, you'll find a lot of selfies, videos, general introductions and advice on super important redhead things, like anesthesia and sunscreen.

The group description: The First and Original Facebook Redhead Appreciation Society since December 2008!!

For all redheads and those that appreciate them. The Redhead Appreciation Society is a forum and outlet to meet the other redheads of the world and recognise just how beautiful we all are. I know 99% of us were picked on in some way growing up and still to this day. You are all stunning in my eyes and every shade of red, auburn, orange and strawberry is just as beautiful as each other.

One member created his own "alternative" group, and posted it on the RAS group page.

He made no attempt to hide his intent with the group

We'll call him "Creepy Guy."

We'll call him "Creepy Guy."

Creepy Guy admitted to stealing pictures and posting it without the knowledge of those in the pictures

Members were understandably grossed out and upset.

Creepy Guy updated the group description (to clarify?) A commenter posted the original.

The comments started coming in quickly.

Turns out, he has two daughters that are redheads.

There's a chance he dyed his daughters hair.

Someone reached out to the group creator's wife

Some were opposed, but Creepy Guy shared that his wife didn't care.

Some embraced the love in the original group

Someone asked if there was a way to get the group taken down, but Creepy Guy was baffled and asked why.

The Facebook Terms of Service came up.

Trying to explain why we were all upset wasn't working.

Some were amused and joking around.

Creepy Guy still isn't understanding.

Then, Creepy Guy started backtracking.

He was proud of all the attention he was getting

Admins of other redhead Facebook groups used the new group members to protect their groups

Some pointed out that Creepy Guy could be acting out based on rejection

The men in the group showed up with different opinions

Things got... heated

Eventually, Creepy Guy was banned and called everyone hypocrites.

Which lead to more comments

Overall, don't mess with redheads.

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    Sick and sad!
    Redheads need to calm down!
    I just joined the group and am ready to rate women!
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    Sick and sad!
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    Redheads need to calm down!
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    I just joined the group and am ready to rate women!
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